Divine intervention..


She smiled, watching the creature writhe in pain as it tumbled towards the earth. Stepping up to it teasingly, she winked, waving her handgun in front of its face. "Too bad--you picked the wrong girl, my friend."

The beast let out a cry, half-human and half-hyena. Its eyes, so joyful before, were now pleading with her desperately. But not even the weakest of humans could truly believe that it had any shred of goodness left in him. What had once been human was now no more than an overgrown bat. It lacked the suave manner or handsome looks of fictional vampires.

This was a monster, through and through.

The woman nodded, satisfied, at it engaged in its final death throes. The click-click of her stiletto heels on the pavement echoed into the night until they could no longer be heard.


"Lucy," said a voice conversationally as she strode through the revolving door, "I see by the look on your face that the operation was successful."

"That's right," she cooed, smiling at the tuxedoed man before her. "Three of them. All dead. Rotting into ashes somewhere in the streets. Seems the whore act actually worked."

"Act," sniffed another woman, sitting down next to the concierge desk, "Right."

"Come now, you two," chided the bellhop-by-day, "We should discuss this upstairs."

"You're right," admitted Lucy, gently lifting her manicured nails so that she could check her watch. "This place opens in a few hours, doesn't it?"

Though it was too dark for the other two to tell, the woman by the concierge desk was nodding. The matter having been settled, the bellhop guided his comrades to the boldly decorated elevators. Lucy cast the other woman a dazzling smile as soon as the elevator doors closed. "Good hunt today, eh, Mina? Now, what's the floor we're on again?"

The woman paused, adjusting her wire-rimmed spectacles. "Thirteen," she finally replied, "We're headquartered on floor thirteen."

The End

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