The Village Below

Cole's hand, ever so slowly, moved toward the trigger of his rifle. The wolf stood, it's eyes never leaving the man. An understanding was acknowledged between the two most deadly animals in the forest. Then, in a second, the wolf turned and loped off into the dense woods. Cole lowered his rifle, watching the silver haired animal until it was out of sight. 

Cole, talking quietly, caressed Drake's neck, soothing the big horse. Suddenly the forest was alive with movement. Cole, expecting the return of the wolf, brought his rifle to bare on the noise. Through the dense forest came a bull elk and several cows. The trees shook and the air became white with the roiled snow. Through the cloud of white, Cole took aim and brought down a large cow. In seconds the animals were gone.  As the snow settled once more, off in the distance, Cole heard the unmistakable wolf howl.

Under his breath, Cole said, "Thank you." The big wolf had spooked the elk. The village below would have meat. "Looks like we camp here tonight, old son," Cole said to Drake, as he unloaded camping paraphernalia.  

The End

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