Hunting the Grey Wolf

Looking out over the valley from the mountains that towered above, Cole lit a cigarette and watched as new snow began to descend on an already white wasteland. December was a cruel month, especially for the folk living down in the valley. Cole knew this, he let December be the month where the town folk could live without fear. Up on the mountain is where Cole felt free. A cold wind floated free and strong among the dense trees of the forest. It sent a shiver through Cole’s horse Drake, who stood under the branches of a mighty pine away from the falling weather. Drake nudged Coles’ shoulder with his head, and then waited for recognition.
“Can’t leave yet partner” Cole said, patting Drake on the nose. “Got to catch dinner”

Cole took the last of the cigarette from his mouth and tossed it, watching the ember sizzle into the snow. He gripped the rifle tighter, sheltering it from the weather so it doesn’t go cold; a warm rifle is a good rifle, it fires true. The sun was trying to break through the thick barrier of cloud that held the snowfall strong, trying to let Cole know that the day was almost done. Cole resisted the temptation of going for another cigarette by focusing back toward the landscape that lay before him. Drake let out a whinny that broke Coles’ concentration.
“Ok Pal” Cole sighed as he stood up to stretch out his back, placing the rifle on the tree stump he was sitting on. “I guess I’ve got to starve tonight” Drake had a bale of hay sitting at home so he probably didn’t care. Drake let out an even longer whinny, catching Coles’ attention.
“What’s the matter boy?”

Drake started to bare his white and yellow teeth and whisk his head in the direction behind Cole. Cole bent down slowly to grab his rifle; a trickle of sweat began to protrude from underneath his hat. Cole grasped the rifle and spun around quickly, and standing no more then ten feet away, was a wolf. The wolf’s grey coat stood out among the falling snow, its bright silver lining protruded through the darkness of the ending day. It just sat there, watching Cole and his rifle. Cole saw that the wolf didn’t care about the horse, he knew Drake was scared and was not any harm to him; the rifle was on his mind, he watched the rifle as Cole moved close to get a good look at him. The wolf cocked his head towards Cole, curious to this advance by the creature that did not belong on his terrain.

The End

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