In the safe house 2Mature

I woke up feeling oddly optomistic. It was as if the puzzle pieces were finally fitting together. I turned over and snuggled close to Caleb. He muttered something and rubbed my arm back and forth.
He turned to face me. He looked at me concerned he said " What's wrong?"

I said simply " Nothing, everything is very right"

" Oh...then why did you wake me up?"

" I didn't mean to wake you up. I just wanted to hold you" I said

" Oh well...proceed"

Caleb flopped back on then bed and my arms encircled him. I sighed. It all felt like a dream...a very good one. I hoped I wouldn,t pop it by saying this...

" I think we should go to Slappy's winter home"

" What?" Caleb turned around and just stared at him.

" I know I said I did like him, blah blah blah but we've had too much bad stuff happen...I think we all need a vacation"

" I can't picture you skiing..."

" I can watch from from a widow or something" I said laughing

" I joke, but I think your right. We all need some fun."

We were in store for a lot of fun...and more choas. But I knew it would all work out unexpectedly as always. I should know I'm psyhic....

The End

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