In the safe houseMature

The safe house was in a ritzy part of town. Where houses were mansions. And Yards were properties. The safe house didn't just have floors it had wings.

Despite my obvious dislike for Slappy. I was sad to see him go. So was Claire she clung to the cocky bastard. As soon as possible I was going to indroduce Claire to the Jonas brothers or the guy in Harry Potter...younger guys.

Caleb and I settled in the west wing. Claire was two doors down. Claire had a room that looked similar than her old one. She looked at it dumbly, not sure what to make of it off it. She sat on the bed and looked at the Hilary duff posters and the Hannah Montana posters and the doll house on the floor. It was just like home but not.

Caleb and I were not so lucky. I had to borrow Goddess's grandma wear. Goddess dressed to plainly for my taste. And her Pajamas were way to decent. Razor's clothes were too small. Slappy's clothes were to small for Caleb. I'm not sure he would wear them anyway.

Once we were settleled we were forced to answer that question again. What now? What were we going to do now? My dream for my life didn't include always being in hiding. I wanted to design clothes, travel and most of all I wanted to hang out with my friends again.

Caleb said " let' just sleep on it our heads will be clearer in the morning."

I silently nodded and huddled close to his body. We both pretended to sleep until we slowly both drifted off into dreamland.

The End

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