The PrideMature

Slappy rolled his eyes and said " Witches have covens, vampire's have Prides. I don't need your dumb coven anyway I'll just go to my Winter home"

Claire's teeth started chattering.

" Yeah, we should go in" I said looking at Caleb

Caleb looked at Goddess " How far is the safe house?"

Goddess stared off in the distance, Perhaps she was watching the snow fall. Whatever she saw or heard it captivated her.

" Goddess...How far from here is your safe house?" Caleb said concerned.

When she didn,t answer he started shaking her. She pushed his hands away easily and said " What?"

" Is your safe house far from here?" I asked

" Just up over there is the garage. There is a mini van parked there. The directions are already programed in the GPS"

They started staggering off. I stood still, watching goddess watching us. 

" Where will you go?"

And how long will you be gone?

" Fucking, Austria" She said

" Austria?" I said disbelieving " What's in Austria?"

" Old friends" She said

She didn,t explain herself but I wasn't sure she would.  I knew long after she left I would wonder what was in Fucking, Austria.

The End

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