The tide turns 2Mature

This was quickly becoming like a scene from a video game. One you and millions of enemies. They crowded us trying to push us into the middle of the room where we would have no room to run and no place to hide.

I suddenly remembered I still had my gun. Or the gun. It didn,t feel like mine or like it was a part of me.   I had never shot anything in my life but I Knew enough to turn off the safety and aim.

" son of bitch!" I wailed

I cowered and looked at my hand someone had shot me. I looked accross the room where the gun was tossed. A foot from the couch where Goddess and Jarred were hiding. A foot from shelter... Surely Jarred wouldn't take that risk...

Ofcourse he would he was meant to die there was no other way this could go down...But then I saw a long graceful arm. Goddess leap for the gun.

I didn't realize Caleb was backing up until I fell in an arm chair. The same arm chair Caleb wanted me to cower behind. Right now cowering seemed good. Why didn't they just sniper us like the trained killers they were? Why were they hearding us together?

Jarred started shooting the nearest henchmen to us. God the living room was loking like aushwitz the after picture. We didn't have walls of bodies we had stairs. And they climbed over there comrades to get us. Caleb and I had nowhere to go but into the wall.

Claire was agile and belonged everywhere. Hanging from the ceiling or perched on the wall. She was covered in sweat but her youthful energy showed no sign of wearing out. We should not have to depend on a ten year old to keep us safe.

The End

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