The tide turnsMature

Finally the wall protested and a man went right through the wall. He went down but wouldn't stay down. Caleb turned around sheilding me with his body but now there was so real safe place to hide. There were guns pointed at us in all direction. Caleb fired with deadly accuracy. Then man that went through the wall remained still and cold. But there was nothing he could do about the bullets coming from behind...Jarred looked like he was ready to leap but I was already down on the ground and away from the zinging bullets. Caleb turned around and pushed me back in the door frame where it was safer but not much with the extra door.

They were losing again. I lost track of how many points we had. But we had no causalties...We were strong and the adrenaline made us stronger. Yet they continued to turn this house into a block of swiss cheese. They tired to herd us in the corner with their guns. But they refused to move an inch. Goddess and Jarred remained still behind the couch and Claire and Slappy fought dirty.

Caleb nudged to a arm chair but I was physically unable to leave him. My feet just wouldn't go. I could tell from Caleb's tight jaw he wanted to reason with my feet. But this time I agreed with my feet, we would not back down.

The End

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