Just like in duck hunt...Mature

If my adrenaline wasn't pumping wildly I would have been scared shitless. I just saw my boyfriend go through a window and then kill some one with his bare hands. But I didn't think that...I thought about what was going on, on the other side of the door. Now that it was silent I heard the sound of something smaking on the walls.

I Jumped when Caleb put his hand on my arm. He winced. He thought I was afraid of him. He stepped back giving me room to breathe or run.

" I'm fine" I said before he could contradict me.

" Do you know how to shoot that?" Caleb asked

I looked at my bare hands and thought about the loaded gun I stuck in my back pocket. I thought about the irreversiblity of death....I shrugged my shoulders and said " It's just like " Duck hunt" "

Caleb looked at me like he wanted to wring my neck. But it was because there was no way to shelter me. And he was pissed that I was cocky as fuck.

" Just aim for the chest" Caleb instructed " I'll go in first and you cover me shot as many as you can"

I just nodded. I watched Caleb creep to the door. I tip toed behind him. As always I was blown away at how deft and graceful he was. Even when he was only opening a door. His big body protected my eyes but I could hear gun shots and more people bounce off the wall.

" Take that motherfucker!"

Was that Claire naive little Claire? Claire was beating the crap of grown men and women. Somehow we were winning...

The End

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