the inivitableMature

I knew something was up when Goddess brought out the board games. I thought she would have wanted to spend Jarred's last day ,with Jarred. But here we were looking over musty boxes.

" Let's play Clue" Claire suggested

Slappy grumbled something about 'Quantity time".

Jarred grunted

Caleb shrugged his shoulders indifferently

Goddess looked up at me and said " Okay, let's do it"

She opened the musty box and gave Claire the board. She started shuffling the cards. Two fell perfectly in my lap. It was the revolver and the kitchen.

Thats when I heard a phone start ringing and ringing. I looked anonyed at Jarred. The phone kept on ringing.

" Jarred answer your phone"

" I don't have my phone" Jarred whispered " I left it at the hotel. I didn't think I,d need it anymore..."

Then gun shots started firing. Claire pulled Goddess and I off the couch and quickly flipped it over. Slappy and Caleb used their lazy boys as sheilds. Jarred remained still frozen until Caleb pulled him down roughly by the legs.

Claire stood up and showed me why her nickname was lightening. An electric current sprung out from her skin and all of a sudden the lights went out and the gun shots stopped. I wasn't naive I knew they could still see us. They were just caught of guard. I made a run for it. I made it on piece to the kitchen,

" Are u fucking nuts?" I heard someone yell

I probably was. Adrenaline was making me way too bold. I started wreching open cupboards and drawers. I barely saw Caleb fall through the closed window. Glass shattered everywhere. Everywhere but on me. I was sheltered by the open cabinets.

It didn't dawn on me that perhaps some one was yelling at Caleb not me. He was the crazy one running outside to greet the assains. The three assains took Caleb's invited and jumped into the kitchen and on Caleb's legs. Big mistake. I started throwing anything within reach but I still couldn't find any damn gun.

I knew it was fruitless...they were wearing armour like some pscyho swat team. They walked over Caleb and pointed their guns toward me.

" Why me?' I squeaked

" We must destroy the demon seed you carry" The man said almost symathetically

I started laughing hysterically then " Haven't you guys ever heard of the pill. Kids, honestly! Do I look like someone who likes kids?"

All Caleb needed know was exposed fleash. While they were distracted he quickly used one of the knives I threw to tear the armour. Then the assains started dropping like flys. Soon their was only one left. He knew he was beat and he was a coward he shot himself.

I picked up his gun and put it in my Jean pocket. I would need it.


The End

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