The final actMature

I opened the bathroom door. Caleb held me then how I always wanted to be held like he would never let me go. I clutched on for dear life. No matter what I refused to believe we weren't meant to be, that no matter what we would meet again in the next life. I crumpled the letter and then ripped to shreds. I forced the shreds into a ball and let it roll down my sleeve.

Slowly we retreated from each other. It did waste time finding the right words. They couldn't be found anyway. I said " Whatever happens today..."

" I know" Caleb says

" Whatever happens today don't punish yourself over it. I never wanted a hero anyway" I finished saying

While Caleb was distracted. I threw the note deep in the bathroom garbage and picked up the the leftover loose leaf and the pen.

" What were you writing?" Ok, so maybe he wan't distracted " It was something that made you cry"

" I thought I was writing the ending" I said

I started walking back to our room. I didn't get very far Caleb grabbed my arm. He stopped me in my tracks.

" How does it end?" He asked

The End

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