That night I didn't sleep but It wasn't much of a surprise. If I had slept I would have dreamed...If I dreamed I would have had insight. But this was the inevitable afterall...Caleb watched me. He stayed awake in sympathy. He watched me. i could see through his eyes that I looked tortured. I didn't want to die. But I couldn't pick option C or D.

When my decision was finalized I took a pen and paper and locked myself in the bathroom. I felt the raised lines on the paper and doodled in the margin before I got to work. I wrote a note. The only love letter Caleb would ever get from me. I started to get teary eyed and somehow that surprised me. Ofcourse it was going to be hard. I knew there would be tears. But I didn't epect to feel so cold. So bitterly cold.

Caleb started knocking on the door. Actually banging would be more accuarate.

" Come on Lisa, it's not like you to hide away" Caleb begged

" Go away!" My voice was a chocked squeal

" Since when have you ever had anything to hide"

" Leave her" Goddess whispered

Then I heard him slump on the floor. I could picture him sitting against the wall running his fingers through his hair nearly pulling it out. Wondering why there was nothing he could do. Thinking he was the one that was suppose to save me.

I felt a hand on my head. It was Goddess she was trying to comfort me. It would of worked but this was not the normal kind of pain. Goddess slowly bent down to my level.

" Don't" was all she said then she got up and went out the bathroom window. I ran to the window and watched as she balanced herself on the very edge of the roof. She quickly turned around and smiled. Then turned away slowly.I watched her walk until she was out of sight and around the corner.

The End

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