Claire takes it too farMature

We didn't play monoply. We started at the board for too long. It became all to clear that no one wanted to play. We were just so desperate to stay together. As if we all knew our time together would be so short... But I wasn't one to wallow. I grabbed the remote and turned on the tv. I found a randow episode of "family guy". Everyone likes "family guy." I've never met anyone who hated family guy. But that didn't stop Goddess from leaving. She gave some weak excuse about being tired and left. I knew the truth the yearning hurt too much. Seperation wouldn't fix it.

I wanted to tell my brother to stop being an ass, so I did.Actually first I thought about the pros and cons...the only con I could think of was my brother thinking I was an ass. But then I remembered I didn't really care what he thought. And he probably already thought I was an ass.

" Stop being such an ass. Life is too short even for a vampire. Forgive her already" I said.

" If it's so great why aren't you a vampire?" Jarred sneared.

I was ready to smack him now. Not for the comment but for being such a whiner.But like a grown up I focused on the task at hand.

" Believe me, If I could, I would" I whispered.

Slappy looked uncomfortablely between the three of us and said " Claire let's go have some dessert'

Claire looked at him puzzled " You don't have dessert with breakfast silly !"

" Do you know what breaskfast stands for? Breaking the fast. I'm breaking the fast and having a feast" Slappy said pulling her of the couch.

Claire whined " I don't see why I have to come too"

" I need a partner in crime" Slappy said.

They were too far to hear there response, but I heard a noise that sounded like whining. When I looked at the couch I realized it was just me and Caleb.

I lay my head on his lap and outstreched my legs. For awhile we said nothing, in the warm silence that was ours.Caleb ran his fingers through my hair. It felt nice. Soothing and like forplay all at once.

Then I said " I love you"

He said " I know"

I looked at him , rolled my eyes and slapped him playfully. He look my hand and kissed it.

" I love your hands" He said teasingly

" What else do you love?" I said playing along

" I love your mouth" He said as he kissed me quickly " I never know what's going to come out of your mouth"

" What else do you..."


Caleb and I rushed to the sound. In the hallway we saw. Goddess in rubber ducky flannel PJs. She leaned up against her doorframe. Slappy looked like he wanted to berate her but the words got lost in his throat. I don't think he had ever seen an uglier pair of pajamas.Or an unsexier pair.

" What? What did you wake me up for?' She complained.

" Your daughter tried to kiss me" Slappy said outraged

" So you didn't have to publically humiliate her" Goddess said concerned

" So this is my fault?!? "

" Ofcourse not, you have to keep in mind her history. She's never seen love and know that she has she wants to experiece it. I'll talk to her"

Goddess didn't wait for him to continue to insult her foster daughter. She went to find the girl perched on the counter looking ahead vacantly. Goddess sat beside her.

Claire said " Now I understand why so many people run away from love"

" Love is cruel" Goddess said as she saw what Claire was looking at. Claire was watching her youthfulness slowly fall like petals.

The End

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