Dinner ConversationMature

Jarred continued to poke the rattlesnake with a stick. " I'd still like to hear it" He said.

Caleb sighed and dropped his cutlery. He wiped his face and did a bunch of other useless gestures. We were impatiently waiting to be desensitzed.He had no write to make us wait like this.  Then finally he looked at me and said "  I was a normal peasant mason. I went from town to town looking for churches to build or fix...until after a night of..."


He paused and caught his breath, then continued "....celebrating. I came accross a man and a woman he was..."

" Cover your ears Claire and hum loudly" Goddess warned

Claire shook her head " I know all about that already"

It was clear from her tone that she did know all about that more than a ten year old should know...things that you had to experience to know...I saw Jarred's curiosity flare to life, Suddenly there was a story he was more interested in hearing. But Claire wouldn't hear it. Claire couldn't hear anything...Goddess was plugging her ears and humming " Row row your boat"

" Proceed" She said to Caleb.

Caleb couldn't remember what he was saying especially watching Claire try to squirm loose.

" Umm...Let's see... I saw a man forcing himself on a woman. I tore him off her. That was the first time I had rage like that...rightly so...but still...it made my hand glow blue. It kind of remined me of fire...if fire was cold. The moment my hand touched the man he was dead. The women had seen it all...she was tramitized...rightly so...but...umm...she had me throw in jail. Word spread about me. And quickly Raynor came for me. He made me is servant, his chief assain... and that's how I became a vampire"

" Continue..." Jarred prompted

" You wanted to know how I became a vampire and that's what I told you" Caleb said while returning to his food.

You knew things were getting bad when you got jealous of breakfast. What did that plate of baccon and eggs have that I didn't? I'm sure we contained roughly the same fat content. Anyway he just kept staring at that damn plate. I just wanted to smash it and say look at me. Talk to me, but I didn't.

" I wanted to know about your talent" Jarred shot back

" And I'm not going to talk about that. How about after breakfast, we play a little monopoly" Caleb suggested

" Only if Goddess isn't the banker" Slappy said " She cheats"

" Using psychic talent isn't cheating!" Goddess said laughing.

The End

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