3 couples???Mature

Much later we all came out of our hide aways. Caleb suggested we have a late brunch. It was five pm. No one answered. They just grunted. And they just lingered. The worest thing was nothing bad had happeded yet. Caleb started peeling potatoes to make home fries. Goddess mechnically started pulling food out the fridge milk, eggs, juice...Jarred sat at the livingroom table glarring at everyone. Claire set up the table. She and Slappy were fighting on whether or not to serve the food family style or buffet style. Slappy gave in early and said " Do what ever you want. I don't care" We were going to eat family style.

I started making scrambled eggs. It was something to do. It seemed to appropriate scrambled...How could we unscramble things? I usual would wait it out and ride with it. But I couldn't this time there was too much too lose...and nothing to gain or to replace what was lost.

Claire started chatting away in her oblivious way. Slappy started gnashing his teeth like he wanted to yell at her. But she had been banished to her room for most of the day. No one wanted her corrupted. She was still so young. Still a girl.

" Do you have an off Button?" Jarred sneared.

I swiped Caleb's cutting board and threw at his head. Jarred looked at me stunned and rubbed his head. Before he could bitch me out I spoke.

" She's ten ,cut the crap and be a fucking adult" I warned

" That"s fifty cents" Claire reminded

I started laughing. Only Claire would say something so random and so inopportune. How could I forget about the swear jar? Goddess started giggling too.

" Private joke" Slappy explained to Jarred.

I covered the scrambled eggs and started making fried eggs. I'd father be fried than scrambled. Smells started wafting through the kitchen. I could smell bacon frying...my mouth started watering. I wouldn't have been surprised if I started drooling.

" Should we save a plate for Razor?" I asked

Wrong question to ask. Goddess stopped buttering toast and looked at me. Everyone stopped to look at her.

Goddess cleared her throat " I don't think she's coming back. Razor is extremely mistrusting, she gave me her trust and I abused it..."

Claire hugged Goddess like she faultless. Claire hugged her like she could protect her from any hurt. Jarred wasn't unmoved but he didn't dare show Goddess any empathy.

" Soups On" Caleb said.

Well Sort off...We started traying up the food and set it on the table. I looked at my eggs they were runny...and oozy and yellow. I looked at Caleb and warned him not to comment on the fact that I couldn't even cook eggs.

Goddess sat at the head of the table, so she wasn't beside or accross from Jarred. Jarred had the nerve to look offended. Goddess looked at the food. Caleb and I kept looking at one another asking each other if we were imagining the intense reaction between Goddess and Jarred. I was a bit shocked to see Claire taking it all in. It was hard not too, even if you were a dreamy tween girl. Claire was in the middle of Goddess and Jarred. Both of them had their arms outstrecthed towards each other. The only thing keeping them apart was physical distance. Claire looked at me uncomfortably. All I could do was shrug my shoulders. If they wanted to suffer it was their business...

" Who wants scrambled eggs?" Slappy started passing around the tray of eggs. All of a sudden all of the food started making rounds.

All of a sudden Jarred slapped down his cutlery. He shouted to no one in particular " What is this the fucking Waltons? You think you all are the fucking Cosbeys?"

Goddess answered quietly " Everyone here accept Slappy, your sister and Caleb are orphans. We have no family. We've never had family"

" I suppose your going to say that's my fault" Jarred whined.

I was seriously getting tired of his cry baby shit.

Goddess shook her head " Hunters didn't take me. Vampires did"

" I don't understand" Jarred said crinkling his forhead.

" They watch humans. Pick the special ones and convert them..."

" And the rest of you...were you born or created?" Jarred asked

" Born" Slappy said through a mouth full of food.

Caleb didn't say anything. He continued shovelling food in his mouth. Too quicky, excessively...I crinkled my face why was he blocking me out.

" And what about you Fade? What are you?" Jarred asked.

" I was converted" Caleb said and went back to his plate.

" That's not what I asked, What's your story?"

" It's not very good dinner converstation" Caleb explained

The End

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