So you have all the answers...Mature

" What the fuck did you do?" Caleb said outraged to me

" Me? I don't have the hardwear to do that. " I said pointing to my teeth.

" Then who?" Caleb asked us.

" Where the fuck is Slappy?"  I asked no one particular.

I sat on the edge of the bed impatiently. Goddess sat beside me. Jarred sat up to. Goddess watched his everymove,nuance. I guess Jarred could be attractive...If he wasn't such a prick. But he always had been a prick. It was weird seeing a woman look at him like he was a man. I didN,t want Goddess to be that woman. I didn't see the need in tying up my brother. Caleb took in our causal poses and he thought we were all nuts.

Slappy waltazed in five minutes later. And I do mean waltazed. There was a guy chained up and Slappy was walking slow as fuck, We all glared at him, especially Jarred

" Keep your pants on..." Slappy muttered as he set work on the chains.

Momments later Jarred was free but Goddess wasn't. He had her pinned on the bed. He hissed at her angrily. Goddess just rolled her eyes.

Caleb pulled him off her and slamed him against the wall. Now it was Jarred who was pinned.

" I never want to see you touch a woman like that again" Caleb gritted out

" That's no woman. She's a demon"

Caleb let go of Jarred and realization filled his eyes. He looked at Goddess accusingly.

" You changed him?" Caleb whispered low and threatening. It was actually scarier than if he had yelled.

" I have my reasons" Goddess muttered

" Start talking" Jarred hissed

" You already know why. I already told you. You just want an excuse to be mad. " Goddess said irrated

" And why am I mad?"

" Because you want to see vampires as monsters but you just can't . You found a missing piece of yourself when you were changed and you want to ignore that fact and you can't" Goddess spat out acidly.

Goddess and Jarred all of a sudden were face to face. Caleb looked at each other uncertainly. I certainly felt like a voyeur. It looked like soon the anger would boil over and all that would be felt was the heat.

" So you think you have all the anwsers..." Jarred shot back

" I don't know anything" Goddess said weakly.

The End

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