Facing the musicMature

I couldn't sleep. I,d say I had a bad dream but it probably wasn't a dream. I hoped it was a dream because it made little sense. Why would I need to go to a psychic? I had no imagination the psychic in my dream looked and dress like a gypsy. Just typical. She said nothing as she sorted a deck of tarot cards. All had a beautiful intricate design of vines breaking through a heart. I don't know much about Tarot but aren't you suppose to pick your own cards?

She picked three and turned them over. I recognized who they represented right away .The Vision, The Fade and The Thief were their coiled up names. She handed me a card and told me to put it on top of one of the cards. I looked at the picture curiously. Then recoiled dropping the card on the ground. It was " Death". I was really disappointed at my lack of creativity. My subconicious was so typical. Unoriginal. No crazy Salvordor Dali dreams? Where was the melting clocks? Then dreams like that all day.

Finally I just gave up sleeping and went to go find something to eat. I didn't get very far. I heard arguing.

Razor shouted" Why is it you seem to have the worse ideas ever? First you welcome in Slappy and then you bring in this guy. And don't give me the bullshit excuse it will all work out for the best"

Someone gave a muffled answer.

Razor said " Were definitely going to need more chains, Slappy go get some more chains from the garage. "

There was a Hiss. Then the cruel noise of  slapping. It got louder as Slappy opened the door. He looked nervously at me. Then  his eyes darted past me. But he wouldn't get past me not until he had a plausible excuse.

" Umm...We like it kinky" Slappy said shrugging his shoulders

He tried to get past me but I blocked him. He rolled his eyes but didn't push me or lift me out of the way.

" That's the best you could come up with? " I said disgusted " Why are you chaining up a man?"

" All I can tell you is it's for the best. See for yourself...later when he's chained up...more." Slappy suggested.

I didn't take his advice. I pushed past him and slamed open the door. I didn't get very far. I was frozen in the door frame. I gaped at Razor and Goddess. Razor was whispering coldly to half naked man who was chained to a bed. He was shiny with sweat. You could tell by the shaking chains and bed why he was sweaty. Goddess was pacing back and forth. She looked like she was the one going insane.

" Why are you chaining up my brother? " I asked

Jarred stopped hissing and looked at me. The anger bleed from his face. And he remained still.

" Why didn't you return my calls?' He hissed

I rolled my eyes " When have I ever returned your calls Jarred"

" You know his guy?" Razor asked.

" Yeah, he's my brother"

If looks could kill Goddess would be lying on the floor. Razor turned swiftly to eave but not without slamming the door first. Goddess slamed open the door and called after her.

" Razor! Come on Razor!"

" Fuck off!" She shouted back " I thought we had no secerts"

" I'll explain later!"

Razor shouted as she walked away " Not good enough!"

Meanwhile I was trying to tear apart the chains with my bare hands. I rolled my eyes. If I really a psychc I would have kept those tools. But no...

Jarred rolled his eyes and said sarcastically " Thanks for coming out"

" I don't see you doing anything  helpful" I snapped at him.

Goddess sat numbly on the bed, Leaning way too comfortably into my brothers legs. But the strange part was he tried to move as far away from her as possibe He started shouting. Cursing. I saw gleaming fangs in my brother's mouth.

" What the fuck?" I asked

Goddess looked at me and said nothing. She turned to my brother and said " I already told you I was sorry. It as wrong of me to assume a vampire hunter would Know everything about vampires"

" I got the chains!" Slappy said breathlessly

" Get a sawzall or something" I suggested

Slappy looked irrated " I'm not your fucking errand boy. You get the sawzall"

I rolled my eyes " This is your house Slappy. I have no idea where anything is"

" Fine, but I'm only going one more time. " Slappy said throwing his hands in the air.

" Slappy ,your calling card is Slappy!?!" Jarred howled with laughter

" Keep it up and you can stay chained" Slappy mutttered while walking away

" He wanted to be called " The darkness" or " The dark hand of death" or something ridiculous like that. We wouldn't call him that so Claire gave him a new name. " Goddesss smirked

" So...no one answered my question. Why is my brother being chained up"

Goddess looked nervously at me " He was being overly aggressive. I didn't tell him vampires needed to feed every night.  I also didn't tell him emotions would be more intense...I just thought he already knew all this stuff"

He bellowed " You lied to me! With hold is a form of lying"

" Pull yourself together Jarred. Honestly"  I muttered

The End

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