" Why didn't you tell me Jared called fifty billion times? He filled up my mailbox and sent me like a thousand texts. " I said irrated

I sat infront of the tv for a total of six minutes and then I got so bored. I decied to text some friends, see what I was missing. Ofcourse I had find my phone first. It wasn't hard it was beaping every five seconds. I was bomarded by messages. II shuffled through my purse until I found it. I ran back to the living room. I was ready to pistol whip Caleb. Why didn,t he tell me?

Caleb just shrug his shoulders " A little worry might be healthy for him. Maybe he will realize what he is losing"

" That's your opinion" I said

The messages started out anonyed by moved quickly to concern. He now sounded like he was going out of his mind. Sure part of me was glad he was going crazy but he was my brother. I loved him even after all he stole from me.

Caleb watched as my thumb flew over the keyboard. Yes I was an accomoplished one thumb texter.When I finished I snapped my phone shut and sat back on the couch by Caleb. The others remained glue to the tv, except Goddess. Goddess was still missing in action

Caleb couldn't contain his curiosity anymore.What did you say to him? Caleb said in his mind.

" I told him I didn't want to talk to him if he was going to be so close minded" I explained

Why are you avoiding internal converstation?

I like listening to your voice. I said

He squeezed my hand gently and we both stared each other. We had a secert smile. I always wondered what that would be like. It was impossiblely sweet. Impossible because it's hard to believe something so simple would give you butterflies.

I decied to relax my brain for once and try to watch t.v, that lasted for five minutes. I got up and went to mine and Caleb's room. I almost through my phone on the bedside table and the decied to be civil.

I paced around aimlessly. I wondered where I was going, What I was going to do when I got there. I peered out the window and saw Goddess smoking. I didn't think she smoked.

I was thinking about chewing her out. I barely realized I was already walking down the hall.I most likely would chew her out despite my own gratitoutous drug use. I never said I wasn't a hipocrite.

The End

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