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" I think we should convert him" Slappy said

Goddess aburptly left the table. She used her hip to push her chair in. She muttered something and excused herself. I'd never seen her so distraced, absent before. I debated on whether I should check on her but I decied it was far more important to protect my brothers mortality.

" I think we should too" Claire piped in

" This isn't a vote" Caleb growled

" I don't understand you, this would make your lives so much easier" Slappy shouted outraged at me

So I was the weight that would tip the scale. No matter what Razor or Goddess voted. I was curious about what Razor would vote. I knew it would be unexpected. Nothng Razor did made any sense to me. She seemed to be full of contradictions. Outside and inside. Femine mauscline, Bitter, fulfilled, Soft, hard.

" Is there dessert?" I asked

Caleb swopped from the table and brought out an upside cake and flipped it up perfectly. Claire squealed in delight. I had to admit it was the best entertainment I had seen all night.

" Why is it I am the only one talks sense and everyone ignores me?" Slappy fumed.

Slappy was ignored.

We spent the rest of the meal eating in silence. Just masticating as a group we did not bond. The silence wasn't comfortabe . For the momment we reached a an akward truce. We would not convert Jared. We would eat cake and move to a television set. Where we could continue pretending nothing had changed.


The End

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