Two menMature

Apparently you can end ten lifetimes of self loathing by yelling really loudly. Caleb shut up about hating himself and was sort of smiling now.But that also could be because I was trying to eat with chopsticks. I remined Caleb about our deal, I find him, he feeds me. And since he nearly killed me I demanded flowers as well.

It was perfect. I came out of the shower and smell curry. Spicy, exotic, sexy curry. Unfortunately we were not alone. Claire had informed them that Caleb had made supper. So our romantic dinner turned into a family affair.

Razor grunted when she saw the vase of flowers on the kitchen counter but said nothing. She sat down in her mauscline fashion. So did Slappy. They fought over floor space. Kicking each other's feet. Claire started spooning food on her plate. Goddess said grace. I copied her bowed head but was really watching Razor and Slappy kick the crap out of each other. Caleb bowed down with his eyes closed. I suddenly wished I went to church more often. Goddess said Amen but Claire was already digging in.

" Motherfucker!" Claire said as she started downing a glass of water.

" Claire!" Razor and Goddess yelled outraged.

" Why am I the only one not allowed to swear?" Claire pouted.

" Because you're a pre pubescent girl" Slappy explained

" I'm not pre- pubescent I'm ten" Claire said outragged.

I laughed lightly. I watched Caleb push the steaming bowl of rice towards me. My mouth instantly watered. I could taste the curry before it hit my tongue. And then it happened Goddess slapped her hands on the table.

" I can't stand it anymore!" She shouted " You can't leave me hanging like this!"

I smiled triumphantly " I knew you would break first"

Everyone looked around as us stupified but we acted like we hadn't even noticed.

" Just tell me about your vision. I really can't wait" Goddess pleaded

Just like that my food was forgotten about. I put my hands on Goddesses. I cleared my throught and thought about the best way to explain this...

" So you know I was having that vision about two men. One for Love. One for Lust blah,blah,blah and then it came to me, what I already know. ..."

" No..."

" Yept" I said " Jared and I have different fathers. If you check his DNA he has enough vampire DNA to be converted. I'm not saying we should convert him but maybe if he knows how close he is to be being what he hunts, he'll stop"

One chopstick clattered to the table. Two sets of feet remained still, frozen.

Claire looked up oblivious. She asked " Who's Jared?"

" I explained this to you last night. Big bad vampire hunter and Lisa's brother. Wants Caleb dead and mounted to his wall more than anything." Razor said anonyed

The End

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