I woke up with the sun in my face, so I woke up with a start. Only to realize that  the bed side lamp was pointed right in my face. No curtains were left lover was safe. He was sitting in the shadows. He seemed to be nervous, perhaps testing the waters but I couldn't figure out why. Then I noticed I was sleeping in my clothes. I probably fell asleep watching tv or something...

I didn't know what to say. Good morning seemed inappropriate. Besides I didn't know what time it was anyway.

" Hi" I said

" Hello" He whispered " How are you feeling?"

" Hungry, Sweaty" I said

" You've been out for a day and half. You just slept..."

" What a lazy son of bitch" I laughed

" I thought I killed you"

He said moving closer to me like he couldn't believe I was real. He didn't touch me and I wanted him to. He just sat and waited.

" Oh...I drank my blood. It was nice for awhile but then...."

He said nothing. He only waited for me to finish. Caleb coun't say the words and I didn't want to think them. I occupied my mind by looking around the room for a clock. I had no idea what time it was or even what day it was. That"s when I noticed the world's most expensive flower boquet poking out from the garbage can. It was a simple boquet but the flowers were bright and plentiful.

" Why did you throw out my flowers?" I asked

I put my hands on his and he squeezed mine.

" Razor pointed out that I was like an abusive husband trying to win back his battered wife"

Before I tried to argue Caleb said " She is right"

" I wasn't prepared, I didn't know what your limits were. I assumed you were flawless" I argued

" I wish I was"

" I'm not dumping you, so you'll just have to get over it" I said

Caleb rose of the bed. He looked like he wanted to punch something. But all he did was grit his teeth and go back to his chair in the corner.

" I almost killed you" He shouted

" I almost killed you, how long were you planning on starving yourself ?" I said as I crunched the blankets in my fist. I pretended it was his thick skull.

" I had other options" Caleb gritted

" Just get off the cross, Honestly! You want to suffer fine, suffer but don't drag me along with you. " I shouted back.

The End

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