There was a comfortable cultivated silence. It was so quiet we could hear the air moving around us. But we didn't pay attention to it. There was only us. There was only this room. We  were face to face .Eye to eye. Close as only old lovers can get. His touch was soft and chaste. As if he was afraid he might break me. He was, but not in the way he was thinking.

" You know this better than I do. We are " The Enamoured" now. You know how it goes: You feed from me and I feed from you. Forever nourishing each other" I whispered.

" But you are human" Caleb said shaking his head.

" You can nourish me it other ways. It seems forever since you last cooked for me." I said wistfully

" I can't...I won't" Caleb said raising from the bed.

I grabbed the corner of his shirt, halting him. I looked straight in his eyes. I said " I won't let you hurt me"

He slowly moved back on the bed but miles away from me. he looked at me and said " I don't care about me. I can make myself choke back bagged blood. I don't want to ever see you torn"

I bit my lip indecisively. Was there a point to this? He apparently still saw me as this tender little lamb and he was the wolf. I was Little Red Riding hood in hooker boots demanding to be eaten up.

I inched towards him. I stopped biting my lip. I brought my lips to his timidly. When the blood hit his tongue his arms became steel bands around mine. He licked my lips clean.

Abrupty he looked up and said " You tricked me"

He couldn't see the cut I had inflicted on my lip and was to weak to put a name to the smell. I wasn't sorry. He needed to feed and I needed to be the one. I needed to love unselfishly to give all myself or I just couldn't be me.

" You needed to feed" I whispered

" I need you"

" You have me" I said

" I need to taste more of you know" He said huskily

He kissed my lips again. He ignored the bloodlust and lived off the bloodlonging. Bloodlonging was longing for one specfic person's blood. He avoided my cut and kissed me more forcibly than he ever had before. His body enfolded around mine.

Caleb brought his lips down to my kneck lingering on the vein and then suddenly he brought his lips to my ear and whispered " Claire was wrong about you. You don't smell like marshmellows,you smell like fruit loops. I love fruit loops"

I laughed. I barely felt the tiny prick on my neck. And then It was like comfort food and sex all rolled into one. But I was only food to him. I started to feel heavy, drowsy, drunk. I had enough.

" Stop" I said

He didn't

" I'm getting tired' I moaned

The pressure in my kneck started getting more forceful and it started to hurt.

" Stop your hurting me." I spoke up louder

" STOP!" I yelled out

I flopped in his iron arms and thought of any vampire movie.I had ever seen. There was no beautiful surrender in this. I didn't want to die in the arms of my lover.I didn't want my lover to be the one to kill me. I didn't feel betrayal. I felt regret....

The End

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