Bloodlust and Bloodlonging 2Mature

" I can't... I can't...It wouldn't be right" Caleb faltered

" Why wouldn't it be right? You need something from me and I need to take care of your needs" I explained.

Caleb the monster seemed to have vanished. He seemed softer. Vulnerable. He pulled me to his chest and hugged me like he would never let me go. And I didn't want to go.

" It's not suppose to like this" He said shaking his head.

" Let's go to our room and talk about this. I'm tired of our audiance" I said

Razor quickly dropped her hand and had it shackled around my wrist.  She said " I don't think that's a good idea"

" I will bitch slap you" I warned

Razor almost growled but stopped mid way. She dropped her hand quickly. Shrugging her shoulders. But her movements were tight and not the least bit ambivlant. I didn't understand why she held back. But she did. Not for him but for me.

The End

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