What's a nicer way of saying A$$h@!# ?Mature

I went back to the front desk. Wiped the conspiracy off my face. I tried to look anonyed. It wasn't hard. The same guy motioned me forward by calling out. " Can I help you Ma'am?"

I ungritted my teeth and said " I decied I'm tired of waiting. I want to leave him a note. Do you have a pen and paper I could use?"

He handed me some hotel stationary. I shuffled down the counter to make space for people. But remained conspicous. I started writing. Actually scribbling was more like it no one could read my writing. It was worse with the adrenaline pumping through me. I looked up at the man.

" What's a nicer way of saying asshole, but still getting the point accross?"

He looked slightly amused but just shrugged his shoulders.

I bent down to work and wrote down three simple words. I wroted down " Lisa was here" . I scratched out the rest of the words. Then neatly folded the paper. The man at the corner put it in an envolope and wrote down three bold black numbers 314.

My mouth curved into a smile and I said " Thank you"

I was smiling all the way out. There was a clothing store next door. I bought a pair of over priced sun glasses and a fedora. I needed a disguise. Actually I didn't really need any of that stuff. I front desk employees didn't even look up from their computers and there wasn't a bell hop insight.

When I got to his door. Now how the fuck was I going to get in? I couldn't just smash it. If I tried to get a key it would just call attention to myself. I decied to see if you could really open these doors with a credit card. I saw it once on tv and in real life you just looked like a tool. But still I kept sliding the card back and forth like some magic was going to happen. I tried my debit card next. When I was out of cards. I stared at the door frame. I wondered if I could even use a screw driver. Where was the nearest Home Depot anyway?

I took my chance at a near by convience store and got a variety of tools. I hope one was actually the one I needed. Fifteen minutes later I was back infront of the door bending the screws out of the door. So much for being suave, quick, unseen. It took me fifteen more minutes to take out the screws. I was really pushing my luck this time. Cold adrenaline pumped through me. Chilling every part of me. I moved behind the door. Unlocked it and started putting the bend screws back. I had to felt them in by using my hand as a hammer. It hurt and it was noisy but apprently no one  gave a damn enough to find the source. I stepped back and looked at my handy work. Okay it was obvious someone had no idea what they were doing but hopefully no one wold think someone unscrewed the door.

I went in. I thought about waiting in the dark and freaking the fuck out of him but I quickly realized all the lights were on. And so was the tv. I saw a dark head of hair turn around to smile at me.

" Took you long enough" Razor said

" How?" I asked

" Caleb didn't tell you what we were?' Razor asked

She stood up. Looking less ambigous. She wasn't wearing sweats anymore. With Black platform boots, black leather pants and grapic t-shirt she oozed meance and sexuality. I was envious again.

" He told me you were outlaws, warriors and trackers" I said

Razor just nodded.

" What the fuck are we doing here anyway?" Razor asked.

She looked around at the bland decor and the made up bed. Then looked back at me.

" Payback. I guess" I shrugged.

" Your going to trash the hotel room?'

" No. I'm just going to steal something let him no someone was here."

" Ever hear the saying an eye for and eye..."

I rolled my eyes " Yeah, I know an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind."

I looked around. I pulled out the draws, saw all the familar hotel stuff a bible, a menu, tourist guides, stationary. I was to nervous to look through his clothes. I didn't seem right.

" Your going to steal the bible, now that's badass" Razor said sarcastically.

" Shut up" I muttered " Make yourself useful..."

Razor went into the bathroom and came back with a bunch of toiletteries.

" Now can we go?" She huffed

" I guess" I muttered

Razor took the tools from me and through them by the door and threw Jared's toiletteires in my purse instead. She garbed my hair roughly and said " Let's get the fuck out of here"

We didn't take the elevator. We jumped off the roof. We walked briskly. I didn't ask where we were going I just trailed behind Razor. You don,t stand infront of a loaded gun. All of a sudden she stopped aburtly. She pulled me under a resturant over hang.

" We,ve got company" She whispered

Two men and woman dressed in leather came out nowhere. They were human. But they didn't look like motorcycle enthusists so they had to be vampire hunters.

Razor stepped out of the shadows and did give them a second to even breathe. She threw a pile of razor blades. They played a game of dodge ball for awhile. They threw bullets and the razor blades cut them inside and out. Razor quickly grew tired of the forplay and used her mind to throw heavier stuff like a mailbox. They were no match for her. Two lay writhing in pain. One was dead. Razor took their cell phones and wallets she dropped them at my feet. I guess I was suppose to pick them up.

The humans swore at her. Called her names. Bitch, bloodsucking leech woman etc. She leaned over them. I could see her necklace peaking out from her t-shirt. It was an odd charm checklace. One one chain there was a razor blade on the other chain was the word " Torn" . Razor didn't stup to their level she just smiled at them menacingly stepped away and muttered. " Where is Caleb when you need him?"

I didn't see what happened next but I heard the screams. I stood their motionlessly staring at three dead bodies instead of two. Razor was too fast. Too brutal. She grabbed two pairs of legs and stared dragging them into the mouth of the alley.

I looked around. It was dead downtown. It was winter and it was sunday. I knew this but I still looked around anyway.

Razor grunted" Help me out over here. Throw them in the dumpster"

I looked at her puzzled. She looked at me irrated and then looked resigned.

" Whatever, just stand there" Razor muttered.

She threw two in the dumpster and came back for the third. Seconds later I smelled fire. Razor didn't stay to watch them burn. The were out of her hands know.

" Lets get going" She said.

I walked beside her curiously. She walked like a man. Solid and relaxed. Slumped over.

" Why do they call you Razor?" I asked.

" You just saw me throw Razor blades" Razor said anonyed

" But is there more to it? And why do you guys go by calling cards?'

" Because Sarah isn't that scary or edgy" Razor said sarcastically

" You didn't answer my question" I responded

" Your the psychic you tell me" Razor bit back

" So there is...."

We walked noiselessly. I was cold. I forgot Caleb's winter coat. I was too high on adrenaline to think of anything else at the time. All I could think about was showing them what the naive little girl could do. But now I was freezing my nuts off.

" Where's the car?  You sure parked far away" I observed

Razor smiled at me"  We're walking. It will give Caleb time to cool off. When I left he was talking about locking you up. No one else agreed with him accept Slappy and when Slappy agrees with something you know it's a bad idea"


The End

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