Black on blackMature

I went on with the mundane chores of the day. I wasn't me. I wasn't in the mood for make-up. But I put some on because I looked like shit. I pulled of the cocaine chic effortlessly this morning. As long as I looked edgey I decied to dress the part. I strapped on a pair of lucite heels. They made my skin jeans look painted on and my cotton vneck look lower. I couldn't wait to see jaws drop.

God, I sound so bad ass this morning. I guess that's who I was today. My body was ready and willing to pounce. I guess this is what vampire's call bloodlust. I thought about what I shouldn't do. What I could do so easily. Track down Jared.

There were only two nice hotels in town. Jared wouldn't stay at a motel. He was a pompous asshole. He thought he was soooo much better than everyone else. Purer. Cleaner than anyone else. But Vampire Hunting isn't community service. There was blood on his hands. He could wash it away but the smell would linger in his mind.

Jared would probably not use a fake name. If he did it would be easy to guess. Jared had no creativity at all.

But I wasn't going to be implusive. Caleb wouldn't like it. It would wear on him. There is only so much a person could take.

I tried to distract myself. I took out my sketch pad. I felt the texture and weight of the paper my fingers absorbed it all. Then my hand moved on it's on. Lines became shapes. Shapes became figures. I had three women drawn. I busied myself with dressing them. I could do that all day and forget necessary things like breathing.

But I didn,t want to. No I did want to. I couldn't. I had to go. I looked out the window. If there was no snow I was going. I wanted my heels today. It was already dark at 3pm. I didn't have much time. Caleb would wake up soon. And he would be pissed. I did not want to be tracked by a pissed off vampire.

I didn't think about walking down the hall. Or down the stairs. I only noticed my heart was beating out of my chest when I reached the door handle. It made me pause for a second. A second was all I needed to see then cameras everywhere. Big brother was watching me. I looked right back. Unapolgetic as always. I walked to the garage. It was locked. So I walked. Until I was far enough to call a cab.

I gave him the address but said little else. He commented on the weather. How it was nice for this time of year. Then he stared at my shoes. He asked me if they were comfortable. I said they were. And they were.

I tried in vain to take out money discreetly. But I ended up having to spilt up the pile of cash Caleb had given me. The cab drivers eyes widen. I could see the accusation in his eyes but I just smiled coyly. He could think what he wanted to think.

I hand him the money and went to work. The front desk was open but both employees were on the phone. Both were older men. Old and set in their ways. They weren't going to give anything away, easily. I waited impatiently. Then I heard a phone reciever click.

" What can I do for you ma'am?" The man at the desk asked.

I cringed at the title he gave me. Why did men insist in calling women ma'am? I don't think I know any women like being called ma'am. I would have rather being called Babycakes or girly or baby. I'd even settle for " Bitch".

" I'm suppose to meet someone in the lobby but he's late. Can you just call him? I forget the room number but his name is Jared Riddly. "I explained

Riddly was my last name. Jared's was Stockwell. That was my brother's creativity in action.

Who says seniors don't know anything about computers? This mans hands flew accross the keyboard. Then accross a phone keypad I tried to remember the numbers he was typing in. All I got was 38 something 22 something maybe a four. I sucked at this spy stuff! He handed me the phone and it rang and rang and rang. Jared wasn't there.

I slamed down the phone. Huffing dramatically.

" I'll just wait a little longer, I guess" I said

I moved to the lobby and on to a squeaky leather couch. I sat stiffly in it. I looked around like I was looking for someone. Just incase the front desk guy was watching me.I had confirmed Jared was there but wasn't there. But I still didn't have a room number. Then I got an idea from every action movie I had ever seen. I was going to write a note.

The End

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