What about Caleb? Good Question. All I had was theories. Beliefs. But Lord knows I'm implusive. Highly emotional. Intense. If I died...I was afraid then. Afraid of leaving him. Afraid of what state I would leave him in. He had fallen and he had fallen hard for me. He wouldn't bounce back.

But I didn't say that. I told Claire If I died I would want Caleb to just move on. It wasn't a lie. But I didn't tell her i would fight, bargin with any demon, do what I had to do to make it back to him.

The conversation had ended. I was in the kichen but I wasn't. I was somewhere lost in thought. Maybe trapped is a better word. Trapped in thought.

As I munched on my toast I thought about  was death. The inevitable. Even for a vampire there was no forever. They aged much slower but they would die to. It would be much gentler. But they could still die. I didn't expect Caleb to spend the rest of his life waiting, I wasn't the selfish. I would never ask for that.

I looked at my empty plate and dreamed of filling it once more. Instead of toast I picked out an apple out of the fruit basket. I planned on living a long time.

The End

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