He said we had much to dicuss but I didn't have much to say. When it came to Caleb, I was a rock, unmoveable. Jared could say and do whatever he wished. I was playing the game smarter this time.

I decied not to let my deep thinking take my apetite. I really needed to eat better. I had intended to go to the kitchen. Poke around the frigde. But then I heard someone typing loudly. Followed by bickering. I tried to follow the noise. This old house was a fucking maze and all the furniture had the same red,black and white color set against gray walls. Then I game to a big open lounge type room. The women were bickering over a computer image it was a double helix. DNA. My DNA.

" We can't convert her. It' only 40%. Hardly worth cheering over Claire bear." Goddess said smoothing Claire' s hair.

Claire was pouting. Very exagerated pouting. She crossed her arms and huffed to a nearby couch.

It was Razor who noticed the voyeur. She stood up straight. She took in my reaction. I was curious. Claire looked guilty. Goddess just smiled lightly.

" Why are you looking at my DNA?" I asked

" I'm afraid our young friend here intervened where she shouldn't have" Goddess explained.

Were they planning to convert me? I chill ran over my spine. I didn't want my soul raped from my body. I wanted to live. To live as this girl.

" I just wanted you and Caleb to be together forever. Don't you want to live forever?" Claire pleaded

I frowned and shook my head " I don't want to live forever. Bodies aren't meant to be immortal. I'm not afraid of death anyway."

" But what about Caleb?" Claire moaned.

The End

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