Marshmellow and Caleb 2Mature

I was glad to be in our room. I was glad , I was able to say our room. I was over exused. I flopped on the bed. Caleb followed. We both sighed in silence. I buryed myself in his warmth.

" What did you and Razor do while I was on the tour?" I asked.

" She wanted to know what we were up against" Caleb explained.

" You told her not to touch Jared, right?" I asked

My face was to close to his. I could see every wrinkle in this forhead. They banded together, crinkling up. I didn't need to say It but I knew he would do what he had to do.

" I shouldn't of just assumed" I whispered.

Caleb squeezed my hand genlty and said " I will protect what is yours but..."

I nodded.

I kissed him slowly drinking from his lips. He tasted like ice water, and I was so thirsty. His hands cupped my face, ran through my hair, and down my back. I rolled on top of him. I struggled out of my dress. It got stuck on my head. I slapped my hands to my side in frustration. Caleb laughed and started pulling it over my head. He smoothed my staticy hair. Then brought my face to his and we kissed. His lips slowly moved to my kneck. He kissed vein and lingered there. I thought he would bite me. But he didn't. His lips moved to my cleavage. And I quickly forgot my disappointment.

I woke up. I looked around and relaxed. He was there. He was snoring into a pillow. I could see the impressive muscles of his back. It seemed tradition now that I woke up first. I woke up with those words on my lips two men. Two men. One for love. One for love. Born to create. Born to destroy.

I through on a crappy t-shirt and jeans and went downtstairs to the kitchen. I needed substance beyond a pastery. I couldn't live on love alone. I aburptly turned back. There was a call I had to take I ran down the hall. The phone wasn,t ringing yet, It sat on the bedside waiting  As soon as I picked it up it started ringing. I was sp shocked I almost dropped it. I fumbled like crazy and surprised my self by remembering to flip up the phone and tslk.

" Hello Jared"

" How did you know it was me?"

" Caller id" I said weakly

" I'm not on my cell phone" He accused

" You've always known I was a little dfferent" I shrugged.

The End

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