Marshmellow and CalebMature

Nobody asked what my name was. Nobody asked how Caleb and I met. I was Caleb's and if Caleb wanted protection it would be given no questions asked. Well I had questions. I wanted to know more about being " The enamoured". I never questioned it. Being in this state felt so right. But it would have to wait. I had a mystery to unravel and a house tour. Claire wanted to show me everything and everyone.

She looked at me impatiently waving her hand infront of me.

" God, your worse than Goddess" Claire muttered,

" Who's that?" I asked

" Goddess knows everything " Claire said like that explained everything.

" No I don't" I heard someone yell.

I looked around and saw a smiling face come down the stairs. Well she had an entire body but all I saw was shining grey eyes and white smiling fangs.

" Hello, Raccoon I have been waiting forever for a kindred spirit"

" She's like you" Claire said matter of factly

Goddess took my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Her eyes smiled even more brightly. She said " I'm so glad you came to stay."

Claire started bobbing up and down. She impatiently grabbed Goddess's hand. " Can I show her my room now?"

Goddess looked around and up past the ceiling and said " Know is a good time"

We went up the whirly staircase and down a hallway. I could tell we were there when Claire slowed down and turned to look at us as if she was worried we would run off. She pushed open the door and let our eyes soak in all the pink. Two things were for sure Claire was a Hannah Montana Fan and two Claire was the weirdest girl I've ever met. She had novels mixed in with stacks of teenage magazines. When I say novels. I mean classics, that any english teacher tried to convince you that were excellent, worth all the praise. But there was no sex in Lord of the Flies. Bad example. There was no sex in Frankenstein, or Animal Farm or Farenheit 451. No romance either. No humour.

I trailed behind Claire. I didn't hear her. I didn't know where we were going next. I only vaguely heard her ask what I thought about her room. I smiled in approval.

Claire knocked on a door. She shrugged her shoulders. Goddess motioned her in. This must be goddesses room. I walked in and realized quickly this was not a bedroom. It was a bathroom. I slamed the door closed. I raised my eyebrows and cleared my throught.

Goddess  laughed said " That was Slappy"

Slappy was shaving his face. Naked. Slappy was not a clown. He in fact was very good looking, Thin but fit. Winter white skin.

Slappy opened the door and leaned against the door frame. Naked. He continued shaving while looking me up and down. I could tell just by looking at him that he was an asshole.

" Hello, you" He said" Don't shy away kitten"

I rolled my eyes and walked away.

" Okay now I know where the bathroom is, what's next?"

The End

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