The OctagonMature

" Why? Where did you-" Caleb was flabergastered

I was frustrated that he wasn't moving as fast as my mind. I started pacing around and fidgeting like crazy.

" It all makes sense know. I couldn't see anything consciously because I didnt want want to see anything, even when I said I wanted to see things I still didn't. But when I saw the fire I realized I couldn't keep fearing the invitable and there is the invitable."

I stopped suddenly. Caleb was still starring at me stupified. He put the stupid in stupified. I was anonyed that he still wasn't on the same page.

" What does the Octagon have anything to do with anything? How do you even know about the Octagon?" Caleb asked.

" You know how I always make snap decisons?" I asked

" Yeah...Is this one of them?"

I nodded " Pack your bags, bring your weapons and...some candy"

You had a vision?

I nodded again. And so did Caleb. Then the whirl wind started.

The End

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