One PointMature

I had a case of far way eyes and all Caleb could say was " it' s going to be okay".  That's the best he could come up with. Something generic. Something everyone said to someone hurting. There was a reason it was always said because a lie is always gentler than the truth. The truth is always the biggest bitch. He couldn't, wouldn't say this was point one and now was our only chance to even up the score. Did we want to even the score?

I felt the weight of his palm on my shoulder and I gently squeezed it. I looked to him, I needed guidance. No lies this time. I wanted the icey truth.

" So where do we stand?" I asked

He looked thoughtful " They won't strike us directly"

Because of me, they wouldn't strike directly. They'll only make me wish they did.

Caleb grabbed me by the arms. I thought he was literally was going to shake some sense into me, but then I looked into his eyes.They were so sad. Emphatic. I knew then he was reading my mind.

" Tell me everything about Jared"

I shrugged my shoulders " There isn,t much to say"

And much to emblish

" Mom had Jared too young she said. Even though she was like twenty two. But she didn't have a decent education or a decent job. So she gave him up. He went to live with these bible thumpers. I came along two years later and mom tried to make it work with my father..."

But it didn't.

" When Jared was eighteen he came looking for his mother and met me. I guess he felt sorry for me, so he asked me if I wanted to move in with him.He noticed my mom kind ignored me. At first I said no, but two years later. I wanted a change of scenery.  Jared quickly realized that my mom had given up on saving me and that I had brought on her coldness. I was hard to love. I was out of control. I worked like crazy but never had any money. I spent it all on pot and booze. I had given up on the rec stuff by then.I never had rent money. In short I was the worse room mate in history. " I laughed.

Jared didn't have it in him to kick out his own sister, so he moved out.

" So, your brother has a big heart" Caleb said

" A big misguided heart"

" It was a learned behavior" Caleb responded

I saw then what he wasn't saying. From Father to sun they passed on the title of vampire hunter.

My mother may have taught me how to drink but at least she didn't teach me to torture and murder.

" Did they ever try to convert you?" Caleb asked

My head snapped to attention. I saw it then my epiphany. It was a jumble of images but it made perfect sense to me.

" What is the Octagon?'

The End

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