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Not even five minutes into the drive home Caleb has to ask " So you really don't mind that I'm a killer?" I was under the assumation that it was a womens job to ruin the mood by asking those questions. Questions you don't want answers to. Equal opportunity, I guess.

" No"

" Really?" He asked.

" Really" I sighed

" Your not at all bothered-"

"  I'll tell you what bothers me, this damned locked up talent." I sighed

Caleb patted my knee almost absently and said " It'll come to you"

" I can't help anyone and I can't profit from it. What good is it?!" I moaned.

" Just relax and be patient. I'm sure-"

" Lottery tickets!" I blurted " I need lottery tickets!"

" Do you see numbers?"

" I see a convience store. Stop here or I will pull the emergency break!" I shouted.

The car halted violently. I wouldn't have been surprised if the air bags had popped open and the car filled with that  tell tale gunpowder smell.But they didn't. My forehead smacked into the dashboard . Dr. Caleb started examining my forhead. My head was bumpy to start with so I wasn't concerned. I pushed his hands away and attempted to open the car door.

" Damn child locks! Unlock the door!"

The door clicked open.

" Thank you." I muttered.

I bought a pastry that tasted like sand, a bottle of water and twenty or thirty lottery tickets. I paid cash. Caleb shock his head all the way back to the car. I leaped to the car. Caleb opened the door for me. I slid in while giggling like a shool girl. I had a plan now.

" You didn't answer my question. Are you seeing numbers?" Caleb asked.

" No, not really" I shrugged my shoulders.

" So...."

" So?"

" Why did you buy lottery tickets then?"

" It's the psychic test. In the movies they always test a psychic by using lottery tickets. If I am really psychic I'll win and win big" I explained

" That's just a movie, I hope you realize... I thought you were past this disbelief thing. " He said dryly.

" I am but I need to see some sort of payoff." I explained weakly.

I felt insanely happy as we walked hand in hand into the apartment building.I looked at us in anything romotely reflective. We really did look like a couple. I wanted to flaunt it even though I wasn't the showy type. No I wanted to spread love like it was a disease. So everyone could be this happy and no one could ever pull me of this cloud. God, I sound like a teenager.

The momment Caleb had the door open. I perched myself on a kitchen stool. I started chewing on a pen and thinking of numbers. I was never good with numbers. I was better with pictures so I started doodling on a nearby scrap of paper.

I saw the number. I started drawing spirals. Two. I moved on to drawing cubes. Two men. I drew a toaster.  One for love. One for Lust. I sighed. If I wanted to be a powerful psychic I had to stop surpressing it. No matter how much of a bitch the truth was and always is. So I guess one of the men wasn't Jared. One for lust. One for love. I loved Jared but it was complicated because we were always astranged. We grew up so differently. I guess I was going to be a cheating whore. Who was the other man? Who would compel me to just risk everything I just recieved?

The End

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