The enamouredMature

" The night is still young what do you want to do?" Caleb asked.

My thoughts went form indecent to appalling. I wondered if I was ment to be a guy. A gay guy. A gay guy from New York. Actually what I really wanted to do was eat. But that required shopping so I guess I really wanted to shop.

" Can we go grocery shopping?" I looked at him earnestly

He looked at me uneasily " That wouldn't be a good idea. It's dark, the vampires will be out...

" They won't fuck with a big guy like you" I almost whined.

" Size is irrelevant. The skill of a vampire..."

" I get it" I interrupted" Were not going"

I sank into the couch with dreams of tv dinners dancing in my head. Caleb looked at me thoughtfully.

" Are you hungry?" Caleb asked

Does the Pope like baloncies?

" Yes" I said.

" I could cook something for you? What would you enjoy?" Caleb asked

I ignored the way he said enjoy and the way he leaned over the counter as if he wanted to be closer but forced himself to ignore the need. What did I want to eat? Carbs ofcourse. I wanted something hearty, filling. I wanted pasta.

" Pasta"

" Cream or tomato sauce?"

" Does it matter? There's nothing in that kitchen. " I complained

Caleb looked exasperated " There is food. Food you prepare. Food you savour."

" You can savour kraft dinner"

" Kraft dinner isn't food" Caleb muttered

Caleb went to the pantry and started linning up his potions and powders. I felt like I was about to watch some sort of magic unfold. I didn't care if It was black magic or not. I just had to watch. I leaned over the counter and watched him throw things in a sauce pan. No he didn't throw things...throw is too aggressive. He was slow ,methodical, sensual. Just like he was when he played the guitar.

I stuck my finger in the sauce. It was really hot. It was creamy, cheesy sweet. I would never be able to eat kraft dinner again.

" Good?" He asked.

" Better than sex" I said.

" One tract mind" He laughed.

The End

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