On my kneesMature

I looked around and saw nothing. I wasn't blind I was empty. I didn't see, I didn,t feel. I was just bones and a muscles, and oragans. Just mechanics.I didn,t see him even though he was right infront of me. Maybe he thought I finally realized how dangerous  my life was right now. I felt the weight of his palms on my skin. I could feel the warmth.  Comfort refused to come. My heart beat may have slowed down. But I felt no real comfort. Caleb held me then. If he spoke I didn't hear it but I felt breath on my skin.

" Why did you lie?" I asked

He pulled slowly away from me. I felt a coldness on my body. I welcomed it as best I could. I folded my arms and waited for an answer.

" Maybe you thought It would be easier for me ...to watch you kill. Thinking that you were killing monsters. Easier for me, just to go back to being a normal girl. But If you want me to trust you or to do whatever it is you want me to do you have to be honest with me" I explained.

I heard him exhale. I watched him tense up an let go one muscle at a time. I looked into his eyes they were clear transparent as a lake.

" I didn't want to tell you they see your actions as betrayal on the human race"

" I talked to you once and all of a sudden..."

Caleb interrupted " That's on more thing I didn't mention. Vampire relationships are much more deeper intense... We become the      " Enamoured". It happens fairly quickly from before first sight. It's hard to explain...It's...

I let him trail off. I was probably catching flies. But suddenly things were coming much more clearer. Relevant. This was why I didn't care that he was a vampire. Why i didn't need to know his life story. Why I just had to be near him.

" This explains a lot but changes nothing right?"

He nodded silently. I almost started to cry then. I blinked back the tears and stared at the ceiling. I let my eyes dry up I hopped they would dry up so much they would burn. Something to compete with the burning longing in my chest.

" I'm...I'm going to go shower" I stammered

" Wait..." He paused " You don't have to go"

" I'm just going to shower" I whispered

" Right. " He said.

The End

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