Flesh of my fleshMature

I looked at the pizza as if it was a flea.  The start of an infestation. I left it to cool. Cool enough not to steam tupperware. Tupperware I couldn't find. I was stressed and this was not helping. I pulled apart the kitchen but ultimately had to settle for a garbage bag. When Caleb got up we were going to have a talk. I didn't think I would ever meet someone who cooked less then me.

Out of the blue the mexican hat song started playing. The tv was muted...My cell phone I left it on. I barrelled into my room and looked around. Where had I put the damn thing? Buried in my purse ofcourse. The phone showed no sign of stopping. So suddenly I had to find my phone. I dumped my purse on the bed. Uncaring that I would end up trying to track down a thousand tampons later. Then I heard clunk on the heard wood. Ofcourse my phone would fall on the floor, Murphy's law and all. I feared for it's life but the phone continued playing it's ditty. I flipped it open and answered breathlessly.

" Lisa, what's wrong your out of breath?" Jared asked

" Nothing, Jared I just ran to catch the phone" I rolled my eyes

" I was worried about you, your friends tracked me down when you suddenly went missing at a bar. Your room mate said you left your apartment with some guy" Jared explained

Oops. Double, triple oops. I haven't been this irresponsible since I was seventeen. I never left bars with strange men. I always stuck with my girls. I wasn't erract anymore. Erract wasn't pleasant. Erract wasn't safe. Sarah was probably having kittens. Sarah would be the one who called. The others would be like give her time. Sarah was the worrier.

" Can I call you back?" I asked

" I need to see you, I need to make sure your okay. That you didn't do anything stupid" Jared answered

I let a puff of frustrated air. Patience.

" I'm not seventeen and it's not halloween. I was just inconsiderate that's all. I'm sorry"

"  We'll have dinner at my place. I'll pick you up around..."

" I'm busy" I smoke through my teeth

" Busy enough to skip work?" Jared blurted

Quite quickly I didn't care that I was being irresponsibe he was being a prick. Sure I missed a day of work and didn't call in...and who was he to try and tell me what to do?

" Pencils have erasers. Erase those last statements.  I met up with an old friend and I,m spending a couple days with him. Not that It's any of your business how I waste my time. I'll call you when I am free."

"  How about lunch then? Lunch at your convience of course" He suggested

" Hmm... I guess I could sneak out tomorrow. Noonish. The usual place."

I meant that literally. If vampire boy was mad that I ordered pizza. Caleb would be infuriated that I went out for lunch. I knew I was putting myself at risk but I had to. I would give my brother a cover story...he would tell mom...

" Jared is mom freaking?" I panicked

" I didn't tell your mother." Jared said

" What?'

" I didn't make sense to worry her" Jared explained

" I guess..." I muttered

" So noon tomorrow?"

" Yeah, bye Jared" I muttered

" Bye Lisa"

I dropped my phone on the floor absently. Why was I being lied to?What did the world know that I didn't know? I could see stuff other people didn't see but some how I was still naive. I thought I lived through hell and had gained a prize of knowledge.I should of known .  I didn't believe in conspiracies but today I did. Today you could convince me that the goverment was hidding something

The End

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