Why are all vampires rich? It's just not fairMature

I felt someone push me. I turned around to bite their head off and it was him. The man with the ridicoulous nick name. Why couldn't he just let me wallow in self pity, alone? He didn' t look at me at all, he was looking way beyond.I tried to see what he was looking at.  All I saw  was people turn around and scowl at us. He put his arm around my waist and keep pushing me out the door.

" Are you that desperate for a smoke?" I said exasperated

" Just keep walking, I'm putting my coat around you, come closer pretend your cold..."

" I am cold" I complained

" Good" He muttered

I started warming up almost immediately. I would have found it strange if I hadn't started looking around .I looked around and realized I was in a parking garage. Not a good place for any single girl to be. My aderaline was pumping wildly. Where was he taking me and why ? If I got in a car, I might never come back .I decied to pull a gandhi, I went boneless. He looked at me exasperated. He let my body drift to the floor.

" Raccoon, now really isn't the time. Please get up"

The floor was cold. I wanted to get up. But I looked at him and simply said " No"

" I'll explain everything if you keep walking"

He looked intense and full of worry. Not anonyed. He was worried about me. I knew without a doubt something was coming. It was like hearing the jaws music in my head. Jaws was coming.

I slowly got up. I nodded and let him take my hand. All the coldness in my body disapted. He went slower this time. I was able to keep up easily ths time

" They were watching us they think were..."

" Lovers?" I offered

He nodded and continued "  Malice was dripping off their every word and thought. They want you, to destroy you. But don't worry I'll never let them have you"

" Who the vampires?" I asked

He looked surprised but quickly sobered up. He just nodded and guided me to a black car. He opened the passenger door and motioned for me to get in. I smoothed my dress down and got in. He closed the door softly. Maybe I was being stupid or to trusting. But then again I never made my decisons based on logic.

He got in. Fastened his seat belt and started the car. He turned on the radio. He found a generic easy rock station. I had trouble believing this goth nightmare would listen to Chigago or Celine Dion.

He let out a puff of air and said" That was easier than I thought it would be."

" Where are we going anyway?" I piped up

" My house, we need to hide out for awhile. There going to be tracking us, well you mostly"

" Oh" I said

He looked at me. I looked out the window. It was to dark to see anything. So I was looking at nothing. He patted me knee akwardly. Actually it was more like slapping my knee but I didn't say anything.

" It's all my fault I'm going to make it safe for you again. Then you can go back to your life. But for right now, your going to have to do as I say..."

I finally looked at him, His expression was dead serious. I don't think I ever knew real fear until right then. I had to know what we were up against.

" Why do they want me?"

" They don't really want you, they want me. There going to use you to get to me" He said

I turned and looked out the window. Back to the dark nothing. Then it dawned on me that I had no clothes, no make-up, no jewelery. I only had the clothes on my back.

" I need my stuff" I said urgently

" I'll get you everything you need." He assured me

" No, I need my stuff. My stuff smells like me and it's already broken it!"

" Why are you yelling? It's just possesions"

He looked annoyed but he wasn't the one who lived off toast for a month so he could afford a good winter wardrobe. I pulled the emergency break. We stopped in the middle of the road, suddenly but safely. He glared at me. But also looked at me like I needed my head examined.

" What the fuck are you thinking?"

I was stunned. I didn't know he had it in him. I almost laughed at his expletive.

" I need, not want need my stuff. We don't know how long it's going to be...

" Fine" He interrupted " Where are we going?"

" 15 Ravine Street" I replied

" That's not a very good part of town..."

" I know." I responded simply.

I didn't feel like pointing out I was toast eating ,under employed make-up sales girl with a student loan and penchant for clothes. He would soon figure that all out.

I was riding on cloud nine, everything I worked so hard to get I would get to keep. I felt so happy .Happy enough to want to share it.  I would try to make small talk.

" So what kind of car is this?"

" Mercades" He said abruptly.

" Hmmm...So it's probably expensive right?"

" Very"

" It's so not fair" I whined

He looked at me concerned " What isn't fair?"

" Why are all vampires rich? "

He laughed a real genuine laugh. I didn't care if he was laughing at me or with me as long as he was laughing

" We have to be, to survive. To hide out, to do what we do"

To what they do. What do vampires ,do they drink blood. How could I forget that part?

The End

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