I don't care if you're a vampire as long as you aren't an a$$H@!#Mature

I started giggling like a high schooler, not just any high schooler. I was the pretty girl who only had her looks. The one who thought the Dali Lama was a cloned sheep. I put my hand on his arm and dramatically removed it.  Then giggled some more.

" Oh, look no bursting into flames! I guess you aren't a vampire" I exclaimed

" What did you do to me?"

He grabbed my hand and started bending it, twisting it. I didn't know what he was looking for but I hope he found it soon. My arm hurt. I was too stupified to do anything. Then I suddenly remembered I was a modern woman. Modern women didn't take well to being manhandled. So I started slapping wildly. He instantly let go. He looked at the ground like he wasn't worthy to look in my eyes.

" It's a rosary ring. You count the squares like rosary beads" I explained.

" Why are you wearing that?" He asked.

I shrugged " I like old stuff some of it's better than the new stuff "

" You didn't answer the question to you believe in Vampires?"

I shrugged again and said" I might as well, I believe in everything else."

He said " That's to bad, This would be easier if you were a skceptic"

I wanted to ask him what the fuck he was talking about, But he started pacing. He reminded me of a lion getting ready to bounce. Back and forth. Back and forth. I suddenly needed to see his face ,since I couldn't get into his head I needed to see his face but I barely caught a glimpse.

I adurptly said " What are you talking about?"

He suddenly gripped my shoulders, which now seemed smaller. Everything about me seemed smaller. His eyes were tracking mine. Mine were drinking him in.

" What if I told you, you weren't my type?"

So this what this was about he wanted to shake some sense into me maybe literally.

" I'd say I wasn't surprised but it's too late things are already set in motion..."

" What things?" He interrupted

" I don't know all I know is I had to talk to you"

He moved away from me, like he was uncomfortable. He looked like he was struggling to make sense of my words ,of me.

" So you believe in fate? I don't. I don't believe that things are magically going to work out... that... magically I'm going to want to get married, settle down...

I wanted to give in, really I did. My pride hurt enough already and I was angry because he attacked my pride. But it was my fault. I was letting this mean more than it was. I didn't even know his name. This was suppose to be just sexual.

" So do you want to fuck?" I asked

I don't think I could of surprised him more unless I said I was a vampire. The shock was evident and he couldn't seem to shake it. Suddenly his face twisted all up full of hate.

He spat out the words venomously " Did you forget to take your medication or something? First your all lovey dovey and now you can't keep your hands off me?"

 He was the one doing all the touching. I wanted to point that I out. I wanted to champion my case. But I couldn't .

" Fine" I said resigned " Whatever is easiest, right?"

I turned and left. I looked in the corner my friends were vibrating like humming birds. I didn't have a story to tell them. So I decied to start smoking again. I made my way to the door. I cringed away from the sweaty bodies. It was so hard not to push past people. I needed space. I needed clearity. Something had started but it was over before it ever began. I didn't care if he really was a vampire as long as he wasn't an asshole, but he didn't even want to try.

The End

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