The night was cold and a sheet of ice lay over the streets as the creature scaled the roofs of the city pursuing his prey .He was crouched on the roof top, his dark black souless eyes scanning the street below, following his prey.He scuttled after her hiding behind chimneys and in the shadows of the rooftops. Watching waiting for his time to strike .Waiting for his time to leap from the roof and down onto his prey being able to sink his sharp fangs deep into her soft warm flesh and suck on the sweet blood lay inside, to feast once more on another victim.

The could sense shw was being followed her head swayed from side to side searching for her stalker yet there was no one ther.Alone and scared she began to run. She was on the back foot from the start her assailant had stealth and speed she on the other hand had six inch heels and a revealing dress.

The creature stood up on the roof top grinning evilly at the fear he was inflicting on the girl chuckling to himself. He gave out a howl of delight and  began to give chase, the hunt was on.The adrenaline pumping through every vein every muscle, tendon ligment in his body screamaing for him to jump but that would be no fun.Sprinitng skillfully across the rooftops relishing rthe fear he was inflicting chuckling at her futile attempts to escape.Soon his primal insitincts to feed  took over, he ran towards the edge and jumped .Plumeting into the dark streets below and on to his victim.

The End

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