Hunter's DreamMature

A recollection of a violent dream.

"Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, sir, but he left us just a few hours ago."

I opened my eyes to find myself in an airport. Well, my eyes were opened, anyway; I had no control over my body. I did not reply since I had no idea about what had been said.

It appeared that I was approaching a security checkpoint of some sort. A man in blue jeans and a ragged jacket was causing trouble with the guards. There were these thin, white tablets resting in a plastic bin on top of the security booth, and my body decided that it was necessary to steal them. I grabbed the the unattended tablets and made my way towards an exit.

A sense of anxiety hit me as I looked through the glass doorway. There was a police cruiser parked outside. Suddenly I was overpowered by an urge to bolt towards the car. Two policemen emerged from the vehicle, motioning for me to stop. For some reason, they remained completely silent.

As I focused on the officer farthest from me the right side of his face disintegrated into a crimson mist. The other officer turned around at the sight of this, catching his shot in the chest.

It was the man in the ragged brown jacket; he has somehow gotten outside, and had found a pistol. Personally, I was indifferent about the situation, but my body feared for its life. I ran down a sidewalk to my left, only to find it blocked by a wrecked car.

For the first time, I took a good look at this place. I was in a dead city, abandoned cars and buildings alike rusting away. The road was lifeless except for my pursuer and me. The fears of my body started to catch up with my mind at this moment; I was about to die again.

He caught up and grabbed me by the collar. My first reaction was to grab his weapon, but he stuffed the barrel into my mouth, tearing out several teeth with its entrance. There was a taste of blood and metal, and then...

I killed the man that I had been chasing. He had stolen those white tablets which I searched for. It's kind of funny, though; I didn't even know why I was looking for them.

My arm dug the barrel of the gun into the skin underneath my jaw. I couldn't muster up any objections. There was a sudden warning which sparked into my thoughts, however, causing me to suggest that my host tilt the barrel slightly inward, ensuring a straight shot through my skull. So, with aim readjusted, I, or it, enthusiastically pulled the trigger.

Now, you would think, with mostly everything that was inside of my head now being sprayed out across the street, that I would have passed on. That didn't happen. The other presence had departed, leaving me in control and in a fair amount of pain. A great deal of pain, actually, despite no longer having much of a brain to feel with. A steady flow of blood was streaming down the front of my face, speckled with bits of skull and gray matter.

I had retained all of my senses and could move as well, so I tossed the gun aside and headed into one of the abandoned buildings. A handle crackled as I twisted it, and the door creaked open. Trash was scattered about the floor, and a bare mattress rested in the center of a singular room. A weathered-looking handgun caught my attention as it was cushioned by that mattress. I fell onto what might become my final resting place and grasped for the firearm.

Disregarding the failure of my previous attempt, I decided to go with a second shot to the head. Holding the barrel up to my temple, I tore another couple of holes into my skull, with little effect. The third and final shot was for no reason in particular, but I took it anyway, directly underneath my chin right up through the open top of my head.

As I cast the second weapon aside, a small, dusty television turned on in front of me. Displayed on the screen was a silver cage, similar to one that would imprison a pet bird, accompanied by a deep blue background. This alone was intriguing enough, but what was truly captivating was the song.

This music was unlike any I had ever heard. As I listened I realized that it was not a mere representation of an emotion or event; it was, in of itself, the despair which plagued this strange world. Lyric and event unfolded simultaneously for they were a single entity. I strained my mind in order to hear myself within the song, to discover my purpose. Enlightenment seemed only a step away. Focusing intently, I heard...

Wake up, Hunter.

The End

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