To tell the truth I thought this guy would probably freak when he saw the dead body but instead he just stood with his arms folded, still uncertain. “we need to go” I said, packing up the body  and putting the head back into its box.

“where?” He watched as I slid the body back into the freezer.

“Back to the motel,” I needed to do some more research on the area, and on the dude stood in front of me. He just shrugged and somewhat resentfully followed suit. I took us back through the front room grinning at Daisy on the way out. I had to admit she was pretty hot, short dark hair and a dorky smile. We went back to the car and chucked the ID’s in the glove box. “now all I’m stuck on is why would vampires be after you?”

“beats me. Maybe you should’ve asked him that before you took his head off,” Gray snapped sarcastically. I started up the car. “If I did that, it’s highly likely he would have killed us both,” I snapped back at him. I took us back to the motel. He sat quietly through the entire journey staring out of the window as the sun went down. I pulled into the motel carpark, trying to work out what to say to help him. Not that I was really any good at that sort of thing having not really interacted with anyone for so long.

I pulled into the carpark and began getting out of the car noticing something moving out of the corner of my eye. “stay in the car” I muttered back to Gray. He looked round as I slid out of the car and grabbed some things from the boot. “anything you should be letting me in on before you go rampaging off into the dark on your own?” I heard him call from inside the car.

“you remember I said that the vamp might not be alone.” I said back moving round to open his door, keeping my eyes on the group off to the side of the car park. To anyone else they would just have looked like a group of kids, but I recognised them from the nest I’d been tracking.

“but how do I defend myself against them?” I gripped my machete and gun tightly and shifted my bag up onto my shoulder. “you stay behind me and we get back into the motel room is what you do.” I grabbed the back of his shirt and dragged him up to the room as the group of vamps started spreading out and heading for us. I kept Gray behind me, so that i was between him and the vamps up until we got to the door of the room. Opening it quickly I shoved Gray inside and followed slamming the door shut and locking it. I ran over to the cupboard and pulled out a couple of vials of dead man’s blood, basically poison to vampires. I ran up to the window, ignoring the quietly freaking out man stood in the middle of the room. There were about 4 vamps out front, moving up towards the house.

“what exactly do we do locked up in here?”

“shut up and let me think,” I snapped pacing across the room. I heard him snap his teeth together, I glared at him “go and hide” I grabbed my bag and began pulling out ingredients for a sent masking spell, as Gray went and hid in the bathroom, which I set up smoking near the door. I ran back to the bathroom and banged on the door until he opened it. “I set up a scent blocking mixture, or at least I hope that’s what it is. And not just something that really stinks.” I heard him laugh but it was deadpan. “shouldn’t we use that as a chance to get away somehow? They already saw where we went”

I rolled my eyes and moved him back, “you don’t think I get that,” I lifted up the mat on the floor to reveal a trap door leading down to a tunnel, “the motel is owned by hunters,”

“convenient,” he muttered crouching down next to me.

The End

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