Darkness draws evil to town and where there's evil Sophia follows.

I followed him home after he left some house party. I’d been waiting outside for him to appear for ages. After a while a tall skinny frame staggered drunkenly from the front door, the light of the street lamps glinting off his glasses. I’d checked him out through his internet profiles and by hacking into his school records. I had no idea why they wanted him but for some reason they did and it was my job to prevent that. I rolled my eyes and stayed fairly close and he stumbled and zig zagged his way down the street, the lamplight catching his glasses as he passed under them. Did he not know how to drink? Bloody students.

My senses tingled as he bumped into someone shuffling down the same path coming towards us the figure was hunched over and wearing a long coat with the hood pulled low over his face. This was it, It had to be. The guy I was following, Gray his name was swore at them loudly but continued stumbling on singing loudly.

I watched as Gray continued on down the path and the thing that had just bumped him doubled back to follow his path, just in front of me. "time for some fun" I muttered drawing a gun and a machete carefully getting closer to them. Gray was happily oblivious of what was going on around him and continued to sing in his drunken stupor before turning down a dark, narrow alleyway, "of corse" because everyone just wanders down dark alleys in the middle of the night. I ran up to the entrance of the alley just as the creature grabbed Gray’s forearm and pushed him against the wall

"What the fuck?" I hear Gray shout angrily and noticed as his fist ball ready for a fight. Yeah, good luck. I thought knowing how useless that would be. I watched as it quickly and easily pinned him to the wall. I hung back, waiting for a clear shot. I needed to get this thing out quickly, else we’d have no chance. Gray kicked out viciously I had to admire the weedy 23 year old he was clearly not going down without doing some damage first.

There was my shot, I had the chance to get the blood sucker off without doing any damage to Gray. I ran over and roundhouse kicked the vamp in the face as he leaned over Gray who was now hunched on the floor.

I vaguely registered the confused "what the-" of Gray as I quickly beheaded it using the machete. I felt the slight spray of blood from his neck hit my front before watching the body crumple onto the floor. I turned back to face the now slightly pale skinny form for Gray who was now slowly picking himself up off the floor. His mouth slowly opening and closing speechless from shock.

He stared at me. Clearly freaking out. "Are you gunna just stand there and stare or what?" I said, slightly harshly. We needed to get moving, no doubt this wasn’t the only thing in the area. There had been reports of all sorts of monsters in and around the area, drawn to something.

"What the fuck is going on?"

I rolled my eyes, we needed to move. Now. "right now all you need to know is that you're in danger. We can deal with the fine print later" I grabbed his arm and attempted to drag him behind me as I headed for the alley entrance.

He sharply yanked his arm back remaining where he was. "not til you give me some answers, like who you are, for a start" God damn this guy was going to get us both killed.

"Bloody Americans" I muttered rolling my eyes "my name's Sophia, and I'm the girl who just saved your ass. Now if you want to remain alive shift your butt and follow me"

He was clearly sobering up "I think you pretty much took care of that, didn't you, I mean, beheading a guy is pretty final" of corse he had no idea what was going on.

"He's not a guy. And he may also not be alone." I flicked the safety off on a gun and carefully drew it, creeping to the end of the ally. Guns wouldn’t kill Vamps but they’d sure as hell slow them down.  "Look are you going to do as I say or do you want to die?" I glanced up and down the street to check the coast was clear. Seeing nothing I stepped out onto the pavement checking back to make sure he was following. "Good choice" I muttered leading him back to my car. "get in" I ordered as I headed to the boot. I was grateful to see that he obeyed and climbed in to the passenger side.

I chucked some weapons in the back before going back round to the driver’s side and getting in to take us back to the dingy motel I was currently calling home "the thing that was after you was a vampire"

He remained silent and I glanced over to see him staring straight forward through the windscreen.

"You don't believe me do you" It was more of a statement as we pulled in to the parking lot in front of the rooms.

"Who would?" he finally replied.

"So what did you think it was?"

"I didn't really get a chance to look" I could feel him look at me as I pulled a couple of bags out of the boot "y'know, what with all the beheading"

I lead us inside some space themed room and  dumped the bags on the bed "it's the only way to kill it." I poured a glass of Jack Daniels for myself from a bottle I’d bought earlier on. I figured he didn’t really need any more alcohol in his system

He sat at the table. Interlocking fingers to rest his head on them. He was fairly tall, but he was a skinny git almost skinny enough to be considered underweight. His short mousy hair was scruffy and dirty after being attacked and one of the lenses in his glasses was slightly cracked. From what I’d discovered of him, he was a computer geek, and a pretty good one at that. I relied on computer hacking to do my job, but he put any skills I had to shame with what he was capable of.

I downed my drink quickly, feeling the whisky burn down my throat and poured another. Setting it on the table so I could stretch out the aches, joints cracking.

I could feel his gaze bore into my back. "vampires aren't the only things out there either" I said carefully, realising there probably wasn’t much more he could take.

I turned back to face him and he met my gaze steadily "I think I need to sleep before I even begin to consider what you're on about"

I could see he was tired. At the beginning of the night he was just an average Joe but now he’d been thrown into some strange new world. I gestured towards the second bed. I booked twin rooms as they had more space. "feel free to crash" I pulled off my jacket and shirt leaving myself in a black bra and pulled on a vest top to sleep in, I carefully pulled off my jeans not really caring about what he saw and got into my bed. He could try doing something but he wouldn’t get far.

I slid my hand under the pillow and felt the comforting cold of the wooden handled knife I kept there. "keeps staring at me like that and I’ll stab you"

"Like what?"

"Like you're about to jump me" I closed my eyes, weary from the late nights researching.

I heard the confused frown in his voice "I wasn't about to do anything. I'm just... Confused. I think I'm allowed to be, don't you?"

I shrugged, I didn’t care. Whatever he thought was going on he could go with tonight. "let’s just go to sleep. We can talk in the morning"

The End

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