A tough hunter and her band of companions travel the road, searching for their prey. But will the ending reveal some hidden truths?

 Chem came in, shaking water from his hair. I looked up at him questioningly, returning my gaze to the bottom of my ale mug when he shook his head and ran his hands through his hair, making it stick up in odd clumps.


Aner, Mega and Rut drained their tankards. Aner touched my leg and I moved my boots off the table, kicking a chair towards Chem. He ignored it and moved around to stand by the fire. Steam lifted off his travel worn clothes and a puddle formed around his feet.


The landlord approached the table nervously and I pointed at the empty tankards, wordlessly indicating for more and an extra one for Chem. By the time he returned, Chem had seated himself between me and Aner and was idly playing with a strand of my hair. Mega was trying her best not to appear jealous and was failing. I raised an eyebrow at her archly and tilted my head. She rolled her eyes back at me, twisting a smile from my still lips.


I emptied the tankard in an easy gulp, turning my head slightly to the side to better hear the murmured words of Chem. His lips barely moved as he told what had happened.


I tracked them two leagues before they left the road, heading west. The trail is attempting to be hidden when they hit the woods but I can still follow it.”

How may are there now?”


Three each then.”


I looked across at Rut. He nodded and prodded Mega, jerking his head to the room we had rented for the night. She looked at Aner until he sighed and followed them. Chem tugged my hair.


Missed you.”

Go get some sleep.”


He stood with a smile and bent to kiss my forehead fondly. I watched him until he shut the door and stared into the fire. The flames licked higher up the stone as I gently infused more air into its structure. The landlord shut his till with a slam, disturbing my concentration and the flame sank into the coals again.


The heavy footsteps behind me gave me enough time to feign sleep before someone lent forwards and peered into my face. I shifted, the pouch on my belt jingling satisfyingly. The person reached for it and then stopped as my bolter pressed against his neck. I fixed a dead stare on him, not moving as he backed away slowly. The bolter returned to my belt as I set my feet on the chair opposite and hunched down to sleep. 

The End

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