Does he duck, cover, then hang in to continue exploring?

Acting on instinct Nudge ducks his head dives to the side. He can feel the rush of air from the...thing? creature?...blow passed him, but by the time he can spin around, there is nothing there except loose rubble moving around.

He cautiously stands up and looks around searching for (but at the same time hoping not to find) the strange thing that just gave him the scare of his life.

Moments pass and he begins to feel more secure. He debates with himself whether he is manly enough to pull this off.




His mind rushes with all the things that brought him here in the first place. He refused to be the laughing stock of the university...again. He didn't want to think about what happened on his last "adventure".

With resoluteness, Nudge steps back into the void with only his flashlight to guide him. Soon he hears the sound of water. As he continues walking the sound grows louder and he begins to see light up ahead.

The pool emerges from the darkness with its own inner light. He looks around for a break in the rock or something that would allow light in, but he can find nothing. He walks to the edge and sees that indeed there is something in there that is emitting its own light.

Looking closer the light inside seems to pulse. With each brightening Nudge thinks he can see something on the other side. Natives talk about this cave containing many oddities, but this was in its own league.

He begins to walk passed the pool, but something tugs at him and he feels the urge to go back...

The End

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