I am Hunter.Mature

Hours later.  I'm awake.  The TV's still on.

Laura and I lay in a freezing puddle of our own blood.  She's cold.  Her lips are varnished in honey.  Lipgloss more like.  My ear rests on her chest listening to her last few heartbeats.  She's barely alive.

"Hunter?" a ghostly whisper.  Who is it? Laura?

Her eyelids open a little.  Perfect curls.  She took time to use her eyelash curlers today.  They close again. She's a fighter but I'm a Hunter.

"Do you love me?" She asks with difficulty.

"Yes" I lie but I think I'm actually starting to.  Isn't it too late now? No. It's midnight in the morning.  Her heart stops beating.  The world goes dim.  Dimmer.

The news is on.  Breaking news.  That guy is still stuck in the TV but he seems normal.  An eclipse...

"...Scientists hadn't predicted this and they don't know how long it may last.  Karen McDonell is with the Pope now who thinks this might be the start of a global apocalypse..."

How can they not have predicted this? I might as well leave now and the newsman is coming with me. I feel sorry for the bastard.  I'll save him. Sparks fly everywhere as I free him from the cables.  Argh! my bleeding arm...I'm not as strong as I used to be.  Oh God! I sound like my father.  I wonder what that tramp is up to.

I approach the window sill.  It's dim. The TV's heavy but I'm not about to give up now.  Below me crowds of people gasp.  The eclipse.  An epic battle.  Sun meets Moon.  Moon meets Sun.  Who wins? Darkness surrounds us.  The Moon, of course. It is a black void now covered in golden honey.  My honeymoon. My honey lies asleep in my shadow.  Dead.

They gave us the highest room in the building.  Money gets you everything.  It's a shame no-one has it these days otherwise we'd have it all.  I'm on the window sill just like before. This time it's different, I'm much higher.  Curtains dance around me.  Linen.  Angel wings flap above me somewhere in the clouds. They wait.

I can barely stand up.  Bad experiences make you weaker.  Not stronger.  I hold the TV in my arms like I should've done to my son. I never had the chance to.  Maybe he is mine after all....Poor kid. I lean forward, head first this time. Off I go. I'm not afraid.

I am Hunter.

The End

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