The Scissors, the Girl and the WardrobeMature



Laura picks up the phone. She was watching TV. MTV. Empty Vee. 

"Daddy. I'm sorry I got you to call me back but Hunter's gone crazy.  He spent all your money on drugs and magazines.  No listen! You have to take me home. He's scaring me.  He keeps cutting people from magazines, that's strange isn't it? Yesterday night, I caught him jacking off to a picture of a woman and it's our honeymoon! And now he's staying away from me like I'm some sort of bad omen.  He's hiding in the wardrobe.  No Dad, please listen! I told him I said..."

She said "If you don't kill yourself with these scissors, I'll do it myself!"

My mind and soul, in a dark hole. A wardrobe. She chased me with an axe, I had nowhere else to go.  Now she's playing victim.

"...I know it's harsh but he's got to learn.  I can't even look him in the eyes anymore without thinking he's bonkers." Girls can be so conniving.  At least I'm learning.  I've been injected and forcefed drugs into me: left, right and center.  All Laura's doing, of course.  I've got caffeine in me with a high dose of sleeping pills, I wonder what that adds to.


I'm holding scissors. My only possesion.  I fold up blondie, the lipstick girl.  She's caused me enough trouble.  And she doesn't look so good in dog ears.

I'll leave her a note before leaving her this time.  Engraved on my skin. Between my wrist and elbow, I write: "SORRY FOR RUINING EVERYTHING" Argh. The blade is sharp.  She made sure of that. Blood spills everywhere. Now she won't be able to read it. Where is paper when you need it? I'll write it on Laura, she's paper.

Light comes flooding in as I open the door.  Empty Vee's still on. Laura's sleeping on the sofa. Steady, steady. Leaning over. I write on her chest, in big letters. Capital letters.  Engraved "I'  M". She wakes up shocked. 

"What the hell are you doing?! I'm bleeding!"

I'm on top of her.  I like being on top.  She's struggling, the drugs have given me strength.  Hold on, sweetheart.  "S O  R R Y" I write. She throws me to the floor.  I am weak after all. I'm sorry would be just fine for now.

"You've gone to far now you bastard! I've had enough of your crazinness." I don't think she has. 

She's bleeding.  I'm bleeding.  Together, we bleed.

The End

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