Letting you goMature

Am i dead? or not? The crab was supposed to help.  He's gone.  People always leave.  And what about the world...

I am in the church.  I remember this moment. The defining moment.  Something's not quite right.  The air is still.  People were here before. Praying. The usual. Today it's just Laura and I.  She will leave me too.  One day.  I can't let that happen.

She sits. I sit beside her.  Looking at her would just make things harder.

"Laura, are you sure..."

Laura?! It's her but she's frozen. A porcelain doll version. Her cheeks pink.  Perfectly curled eyelashes.  Is that even real hair? This is not the same memory. Or is it? Careful Hunter, you don't wanna break her. What's in my hand? Scissors. Abort.  Scissors morph into the key.  It was there all along.

She's still sitting there.  I lay her on the seat.  This doll bends.  She's a hospital patient.  But in a church. I, Hunter, will be her surgeon for today.  I lift up her top.  Should i be wearing gloves for this? Her stomach's not big. Yet. There's a little door right here.  In porcelain, with a keyhole.  I do what I must do. Open it.

Careful now, she's fragile. I see a black hole with a baby in the middle. Take it out. It's not much bigger than my baby finger. Astonishing.  It sleeps, peacefully.  Curled up in the free bag that came with it.  No handle.  It's small enough to fit in my pocket.  There it goes.  Is it even mine? She was always a bit of a slut...

I lock up Laura.  My treasure chest. There's a coffin at the front. Ready made.  I didn't notice it when I came in.  Is it for me or her? probably her.

All of a sudden, she's human again.  Colder than death.  Blue lips.  Ivory face. Porcelain.  I carry her to her coffin.  Yet again.  She's heavy but i already knew that.

Jesus is here.  The statue.  The witness.  He's wooden not porcelain.  Forgive me father for I have sinned. I am sinning. I sin.  I'm not good at this. 

She lays in the coffin, i'll keep it open.

Laura sleeps.  Not breathing. I kiss her. My warm lips melt on her cold ones.  Goodnight sweetheart.

The End

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