Of Weary TravellersMature

The storm's passed...I think.  Clear skies.  A starry night.  Hazy is my mind.  I don't remember. Not the storm.

I'm lying on a sandy beach.  Damp.  Desolate. By myself, like always. This is a calmer scene.  I feel somewhat normal, whatever that is.  This has been one hell of a ride.  Different from anything i've ever seen.  Sigh.

A moment or two pass me by. I'm not complaining. What's next? Search my pocket.  No key.  The sun's twinkling innocently. Let me out. Not yet. You must learn.

Hunter, at last...

The stars glitter, then fall.  In millions.  Like confetti.  Like rain.  Like tears.  It's letting go.  Emptying it's contents.  Stunning, this is. The moon remains glued to the sky.  She glares. I feel its power.  Electric. Sapphire.  Blue everywhere.  Voices. They descend with the stars.  Sobbing.

"Hunter, wake up.  You can't die.  You promised you'd never leave me..."

The stars, they lie.  They sure are pretty though. A tear creeps down the side of my wet face.  Sinks into my hair.  I don't belong here.  The star storm ends. There are no stars left.  The light dies with them.

The moon stares, then pluck! out of the sky.  Floats on the ocean water like a ball.  Then fades, transforms into a giant egg. Glowing, it buries itself into the water.  I'm left with nothing but darkness.  I wait. I wonder.  When was the last time I slept properly?

You fell asleep during the storm.  You collapsed.

Who's talking?  Sounds familiar.  Similar to the voice in my

head, but louder?

Yes! I see a gigantic crab emerging from the water.  I'm not frightened.  I lay still.  My batteries have ran out.  Who are you?

I am part of you.

He taps his large pincers on my chest where my heart used to be.

You are lying on the edge of your imagination.  You must decide, quickly, if you want to stay here.

I don't know.  I thought I had to help five people-

You don't even know five people, how are you going to help them? This way is better for you.

Where will you take me?

To your reality.  Earth.  Isn't that what you want?

I wanted to die, why didn't I just die?!

It wasn't meant to be this time, I'm sorry. 

My eyelids are heavy.  I've had enough for one night.  He knows what I want.  After all, he is part of me.  His pincers take hold of me, then places me on his polished shell.  The waves of uncertainty take hold of us.  We sway in the darkness.  Where will this take me?  The wind arrives.  The catalyst.  It brings with it music.  Mellow guitars playing in a distant.  A land where I seek to be.

Tommorow, I'll put the sun back.


The End

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