Running in circlesMature

My pistol turns into a pair of scissors.  uh-oh.  This better not be happening. It is. 

It has to happen.  Again.

I fiddle in my pocket.  There must be something good in there.  Help me.  The sun's fallen asleep.  A watch?  The hands are racing anti-clockwise, like there's no tommorow.  Not for me.  And my hands?  They're trembling.

I hear footsteps. Door opens. I wait. I pray. I wait.

Dorothy.  Please, Dorothy.

It's Laura.  Everything's just as i remembered.  Time went past to the past.  Is this the past? It doesn't matter.  She's smiling.  She always did.  Bless her. 

"Hey Hunter!  wow those jeans are tight..."

She's smiling.  She doesn't know that my balls are squashed in these.  Bitches.  They love it.  My jeans, not my balls.  I'm fucked up but she never cared.  I'll teach her.

Bitch.  Get in the car! She loves it when I talk bad.  Confusion.  There's no car.  Pair of scissors, I've got those.  Get on the bed.  She's in a rush to do so.  Slut.  I hate her but i need this tonight.  I'm not kicking the bucket without one night of fun.  Why have you got scissors in your hands? Shut up.  I'm not here to play silly games.

Never underestimate the sharpness of Hunter's scissors.

She screams so i laugh.  Bathed in blood.  Shut up, i'm trying to concerntrate...moments later, i'm done.  I'm a master at this.  She's never looked more beautiful.  I have to take her home now.  I lift her up.  This masterpiece is heavy.  I'm carrying her out like a groom does to his new wife.  What was it, left foot first?  When i go home, i'll take my pills...

Is it me or is this cabin hot? must be cabin fever.  As i take her out, she vanishes into a mist.  A fog.  Now i'm faced with reality.  Guilt.  Yet another emotion.  How long is this gonna go on?  I'm like karma itself.  I'm chasing myself in a circle.  Not a perfectly round one.  When Hunter goes around, he comes around.  The formula of the circumference hasn't been worked out.  I failed maths.

The moon is perfectly round.  The moon's spotlight's on me, like i'm some sort of entertainer.  I feel my body soaking up it's energy.

I am Hunter.

I think I like the moon, I want it.  In my pocket.  Reach out.  It won't budge.  Come on.  Quickly now.  It remains superglued.  The moon is more powerful than the sun.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the show is cancelled.  You fool.  OUCH! my nail sockets, bleeding.  I failed at that too.  I'm so confused.

"Hunter, m'boy" Wesley Snipes again?  My imagination must be running out of batteries.

"Hey don't put yourself down" who are you, my mother? who is my mother...

"I understand you're confused.  You've been on more drugs tonight than Pete Doherty has in his entire life, but listen.  I have to hurry up and say this because i have not enough time on my hands.  I don't know how else to say it're in Limbo."

He's not looking at me.  He can't.  I can't face him either.  Shame.  My vision's blurred.  A drop of salty water falls on the ground.  It better be his.

He pats me on the shoulder.  Consolation.  Too late.  I was in Limbo when i was alive.  Now i'm in Limbo in death.  It could be worse.  Shut up.  I'd rather burn in hell.  My hand is in my pocket.  Searching.  Give me something.  A key.  The key.  It's too big in there.  I take it out.

Wesley's looking at me, the key and at me again.  He's looking into my eyes.  I used to think that was impossible. 

"Hunter, dear boy! do you know what this is?!"

He looks excited.  I'm not.

The End

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