...Alive AgainMature

I know I shouldn't take them.  I've ran out, they've dissolved in my body.  Like a phoenix, I am reborn again.  But i feel anger.  I'm dead. I'M DEAD! but i'm not.  The world is empty.  Nobody's here anymore.  God took them away.  He forgot me.  I'm the only one.  The chosen one.  Like some character in a book.  But I'm not.  This is real.  This is my life.  Nobody cares.  I died.  I swear I did.  Is this death?

I'm walking down the high street.  There's nothing better to do.  The shops are shut.  People.  They locked up before they left.  Just in case, you know...actually, i don't know.  I was going to get left behind, they knew it! That's stupid.  Nobody knows me.  The TV shop is open with the display glass smashed to pieces.  Smaller TV's got left behind.  They took TV's to heaven.  Oh God.


"Hello?!BOY!" It's coming from inside the TV shop, "OI!"

I step in.  It's the newsman.  The madman.  His eyes are like golf balls.  No colour.  He's still in the TV.  Poor bastard.

"Come closer, let me see you." he said. 

My eyes are fixed on the screen.  The TV's off.  I can't look away.  It's on again.  The madman's gone, instead it's replaced by a clip of the Wizard of Oz.  The lion's crying.  He needs courage.  I've got one of those, in my pocket.  Dorothy's knocking on his door now.  That was quick.  How long have i been here?

I touch the screen.  One second.  I'm on the other side, down on my knees.  Yellow brick road! so bright.  Too yellow.  I vomit. My sick is the same colour.  I stand up.  I'm the only thing in black here.  I'm going to see him, the wizard.  I'll ask him to bring back the world.  I can save the world!  I'll bring back the sun.  And courage.  They live in my pocket.

I'm running.  I don't want to be late.  I vomit whilst i'm running.  It's all too bright.  'Technicolor', why did we need it?  I trip up on a yellow brick.  Down on my knees again.  I thought this would be perfect. 

Don't be so stupid.

I'm at the door now.  That was quick.  The door opens but there's nobody inside.  It's all too bright.  Here's the horse.  It won't change colour tonight.  It's black.  It understands.  I've never ridden a horse before but i will tonight.  He's running rapidly along the corridor.  The wind's in my hair.  I'm Hunter.  It's all black.  Phew...

My heart's racing.  I'm in front of the door.  I've got my Converses on.  I'm not smart.  I step in.  I see Dorothy, not the Wizard.  He's not here.  Her thick crimson hair glowing in the light.  She's got her sparkling shoes on.  She got what she wanted.  Her head's slanted on a high chair, her eyes looking into the distance.  I approached her.  Then i hesitated.  They were used needles on her lap.  I vomitted again.

"Take me back home." she whispered

"DOROTHY!" I got close, shaking her.  I don't care.  Her eyes closed.  I can't save her.  There's nothing in my pocket.  Something was in her pocket.  I took it out.  It was a magazine cut-out of Kate Moss wearing her skinny jeans and flat shoes...Paper People again.  I stuffed it back in her pocket.  Young people shouldn't have to die so young.  But yet, there i was.  Once upon a time.

"Wake UP!" I shouted again.  There's no use.  She's gone home.

Wake up

I turn around.  I'm in the TV shop again.  That was quick.

There's a man at the till.  He's wearing a trench coat.  Do i have to pay?

He spoke in a low voice:

"Enough dreaming now, Hunter."


The End

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