Hunter the HuntedMature

Late night.  I detest to be alone.  I need to take my pills...

I'm with my magazine.  Turn page, here's the advert.  My cigarette burning into ashes.  And now i'm cutting the outlines of someone.  A woman with perfectly white teeeth has just lost her life to my scissors.  She's my friend now.  There's no life in her.  I need more friends, i think.  So i keep going.  Her name's Laura.  Laura says: "I keep my teeth white by using Pearly Toothpaste".  Well i use cigarettes. I fold her up for the time being.  She's scaring me.

The TV's on.  A gloomy expression on his face.  Bad news.  I turn it up but he's giving me bad news.  Wars and Poverty.  I turn the volume down.  No more bad news.  Mumble, that's better.  If this remote control was a gun, i'd be grateful.

The phone rings with more abuse on the other side.  No thanks.  The voicemail can take it.  I'm busy tonight.  I'm with my friends.  The ringing stops.  I can still hear it.

"Hi Hunter, you alrigh' mate? I'm just calling to ask if can work this thursday, friday and satur-"

No.  I'm with my friends.  The cigarette's completely reduced to ashes.  That was my last one.  The ringing's still fading away slowly...

The pills have drained my brain, dry and heavy.  I feel nothing.  The man looks happy now.  Volume goes up.  Unknown celebrity giving birth...that's better.  The head weighs a ton and i lean back, staring at my ceiling.  I can't see it.  It doesn't belong to me.  People's heads.  They spin round and round and round.  Like disco balls without mirrors, they spin around.  My friends want a party.  I'll give it to them.

The man is up on the table now, waving his hands frantically.  He's desperate, screaming like a madman.  His eyes are larger than before.  What?! 

"The world is over! It's over! Can you hear me? Run away, the world's gonna explode! Pray to god he'll save you...SHIT! SAVE YOURSELVES-"


The TV's off, too much screaming.  I unwillingly catch my reflection for the first time on the TV screen.  Who is this man in black?

That nobody isn't you.  TV makes everyone look black.

My head is a box of nails.  Rusty nails.  I can hardly stand up.  I have to.  I run to the windows.  Open it.  Everyone's gone.  The windows are all black without curtains.  I'm late! I'm late!  The blocks of flats stand alone, side by side.  They are black eyed, derelict monsters.  The earth belongs to them now.  They're staring at me.  Now i'm standing on my window sill, the wind is hitting my face.  "GO AWAY!" i'm shouting "please."  They're still here.  Frozen.

I glance back at the Paper People.  Laura's still smiling.  She always will.  Bless her.  I wonder what she's doing right now.

Making more money.

I can't look at her anymore.  I want to fly.  And why shouldn't i? I take a step forward and i'm falling forever. head feels like a box of feathers.  My heart feels like a heart. 

And tomorrow, i'll find the sun.  Thank God for that.

The End

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